Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Funny Fiasco – 13

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What do you mean by that? It is a question of my daughter’s life and you want me to wait and watch? This is just not possible; I am leaving for Mumbai today night.” Nanasaheb
Here Nilu listening to the conversation feels giddy and sensing that a woman in the meeting probably inmate of Khopkar’s family comes forward, holds her, and takes her in side the house.
Look at what has happened to my little child and you talk of holding on?” Nanasaheb roars.
Nanasaheb and Shridhar look to each other Shridhar also looks very much annoyed, “This is shear cheating, how Damu could think of it in the first place.”
Probably because, Damu has not seen Nilu recently, remarks Khopkar airily and tells his elder brother Jagan, “Nilu looks far more beautiful than Rashmi!”
Every body in the group laughs in chorus.
This reduces tension and now Jagan wants to tell something very important to all gathered and so tells them to be quiet.
I want to tell some important news to all and it is good news. Our Ashok Pednekar... “
What of him, the poor fellow died in an encounter at Kashmir last year?” interrupts some body.
Please, let me complete,” Jagan
His young widow Rupali is going to marry again. Her father-in-law Jayant Pednekar has agreed to do the Kanyadaan!”
This is really very good news and who is that wise man to propose and accepts the lady?” Shridhar
Pointing to Pandurang he says, “Here he is!”
Every body congratulates Khopkar and wishes him a very happy marriage. One woman in the crowd asks, “But she is not alone, she has a daughter!”
Jayant Pednekar had promised to keep the girl as his grand daughter but Rupali refuses to keep her away but; there is no problem since our hero Pandurang willingly accepted the girl. He is very fond of children.” Jagan’s wife explains with a grin.
We are all very proud of you Pandurang, bravo! You are the real hero now, says other fellow in the meeting.
Here at Mumbai in Pranoti's room a big drama was under planning.
Scene of Pranoti’s room. Two girls and Pranoti are assembled; are waiting for somebody. “There she is!” exclaims one of the girls. Rashmi shoves in the room in haste. She is panting. Pranoti signs her to sit and Rashmi sits on the bed. There is nothing else to sit in that small room. All the girls are now anxious to know Pranoti’s plan.
Pranoti standing in front of the girls explaining her plan to catch Rahul and kidnap him and then make him tell about his father and if he lies... Pranoti moving her hands with fists indicates that they will beat him to get the truth.
How shall we kidnap him? Question by one girl
Remember Rahul is a simple boy not habituated to fighting I think so, and so we shall ask him to enter in a car driven by one of us. Of course, Rashmi’s car, when he enters the car and sits next to you, Pranoti pointing to one of the girls, Meena, continues, you will put this cotton gauze on his nose so that he will sleep and then we shall take him to the farm house of Rashmi’s father at Karjat and there he will be looked after nicely until he tells about his father. Pranoti completes her speech. Who will put that cotton gauze in between her breasts? Asks Rashmi. And how to get that chloroform? Do not worry for that I have made arrangements of that. Replies Pranoti confidently.
I do not want to hurt him and how will this girl put the gauze on his nose?” questions Rashmi.

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