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Silent Love – 22

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Madam, I can show you our group photos when we celebrated our first year of successful launch.” Sawant
This was a bolt from the blue and a new revelation for Rohini she had never thought of before having to see the photo of Velkar. She did not know how to react but it was a pleasant offer. Rohini immediately accepted the offer and asked to see the photos. “Come on; let us go to the other room where I sit.” Sawant said and moved out to his room. Both the ladies followed. It was a much bigger room and had some cupboards packed with old records of workers’ claims and such other matters. They walked pass those cup-boards and reached a corner. There a big photo frame was hung and it had many small group photos pasted in that frame. They were showing the important events of that Labour Department. Sawant stood on one side and requested Rohini and Smita to look to those photos.
Here in this photo Velkarsab is standing next to me!” Sawant said complacently.
With great curiosity Rohini began to watch the photos.
She saw Mahendra in that photo!!!

Part 12 ends...

That moment she felt great relief. That means Mahendra is Vishwajit V. Velkar and whatever he says is absolute truth. A shiver of pleasant feeling passed through her body and she liked it. “I am lucky”, she exclaimed abruptly and that surprised Smita. Sawant was not around as somebody had called him from inside and he had just left. Now Rohini kept on watching, each and every photo, carefully. There in every photo her Mahendra was seen along with other workers. In some he was seen doing shramdana at the site when they built the premises. Every photo was like a treasure for her and while watching those photos how time passed she could not realize. There Miss Smita was relaxing in one of the sofas in that untidy room. Smita was watching the changing gestures on the face of Rohini. After some time Sawant came in the room and was amazed to see that Rohini is still watching those photos. He had a somber smile and told Rohini, “Our good boss has disappeared and since that time I feel very sad whenever he is remembered by all old colleagues”. This comment of Sawant disturbs Rohini’s concentration and she looks around. There she sees Smita smiling mischievously at her; indicating that she had the hint. This Rohini understands and blushes. Rohini asks Sawant if it is possible to get a set of fresh copies of these photos. Sawant readily admits of that and tells her that he has the negatives and he can give the set of photos next day. He tells her that he will send the photos by dispatch department to the office by day after tomorrow! On hearing that Rohini jumps with a jolt and tells him that he will not send the photos by any dispatch to the office; since she is coming to the department for routine visit that day and he should keep the photos ready for her then.

Both the ladies leave the department after making regular entry in the logbook of her visit and that was important to evade any suspicion. They come out and now Rohini looks all the more beautiful. She was pink like never before her blossom were upright and her strides were full of energy. Swinging her big fleshy buttocks in style she ambles to the nano and there she stands at the door of the car and looking to Smita she speak softly, “Today is the day of celebration! I want to share my happiest moments with you dear Smita, can we go to some good restaurant and spend time celebrating this day?”

It is a wonderful idea Rohini where you plan to go?” Smita reacts with enthusiasm.
We shall go to hotel Robin.” Rohini
Hotel Robin? Oh but that is favorite of Rohit; why you want to celebrate it there? I do not understand.” Smita
I don’t care for what is favorite of whom! It is a good hotel and we shall go there, are you coming?” Rohini

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