Saturday, August 11, 2018

Silent Love – 13

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Sitting in her chamber Rohini was thinking about similarities of events. Mr. Velkar had vanished some eight years ago and this man Mahendra said he was a CEO in an International Firm at about the same time. She was wondering, does it mean that the man I know as Mahendra is actually Vishwajit V. Velkar? How can I know the truth? Can I ask him straight and find out the facts? Rohini was completely perplexed at the situation. Finally, she decided to just say something about this Vishwajit V. Velkar. Nevertheless, how to do that? She could not get it but then she leaves it to her natural senses to guide the proceedings at that moment.
That evening she comes home little tired. She comes out of the lift on twelfth floor and sees that the door of her apartment is not locked but slightly open. Who that must be? She asks her self. She pushes the door a little and enters the flat. There she hears a soft music being played on her music player. She enters the living room and there she sees miss Lily Chandavarkar dancing to the tune of the music. That music is not from Rohini’s personal collections that mean Lily had brought it from her house. What is she doing here and where is Mahendra? Rohini moves runs all over the flat and finds that Mahendra is not in the house. Where is he and what is all this happening in my house? By the time she completes her round of her flat the music is finished and there miss Lily also comes to her senses. She sees Rohini and shyly welcomes her in her own house! On asking about where is Mahendra she tells that their gas cooker is not working and so Mahendra is mending it and for that purpose he is presently in their flat with her grand mother. Simpering, Lily said. All this actually irritated Rohini very much. She went in her room and there she hears the slamming of her entrance door. There miss Lily had departed from her house. Now what to do, Rohini was really disturbed. Why Mahendra went there? And this Lily, the way she was wearing her very short skirt similar to those put on by Badminton players, showing her half the thigh and low cut blouse out of which peeping her perfectly rounded breasts. All this really perturbed Rohini so much that she could not rest. She decided to go to the house of Chandavarkar but under what pretext? She could not make up and there she remembers the music played by Lily. There she goes and finds that the CD of the music was in the music player. Rohini takes it out and straight goes to the door of Chandavarkar’s flat. There she presses the bell but no sound comes. Then she taps on the door but again there was no response. She waits impatiently for some time terribly upset. She feels that why I am so upset but there was no question about it. Mahendra is mine and no Lily or her grandmother is going to do anything with him at all. She feels like banging on the door but resists herself. Her complete body was shivering for what, she could not understand. Rohini was terribly impatient to see her Mahendra and there she hears some sound of somebody approaching the door from inside. Then she hears voice of Mrs. Chandavarkar thanking and asking him to come again. In between the laughing of miss Lily was also heard. The door clicked and Mahendra opened the door. There he saw Rohini standing in front of the door with the music CD in her hand. Rohini was looking at Mahendra passionately. Mahendra came out and went straight to the flat of Rohini without bothering to say anything to her. There came lady Chandavarkar and holding her hand politely requested Rohini to be in their house. Rohini entered the flat of Chandavarkar. The flat was nothing different from her own since it was the similar flat but it was a little more elaborately decorated. The rich drapery curtains and such other things spoke of Chandavarkar fine taste. Miss Lily was again there smirking at Rohini innocently. The girl was not so bad Rohini realized to herself. Chandavarkar told her that Mahendra was of great help to her. Then she told Rohini that as she had suggested the two ladies had gone to her house and talked to Mahendra about the work. Mahendra they admitted politely declined the offer and told them that he is not a house worker but actually Rohini’s guest. Since he was resting in her house for some time and because he knows all the house work including cooking that he was doing it. On hearing this Rohini felt tremendous relief. “Oh, yes he is actually my guest but I did not tell you that just for fun.” Rohini tried to cover up.
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