Monday, June 11, 2018

Silent Love – 10

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Rohini looked staring to her secretary and roared in sharp voice, “Now I thing this is enough girls. How and where and why are no questions I am going to reply. It is my life and leave me alone. I appreciate concern you all show but every things we talk can have adverse effect on Mahendra’s mind”. “Ohh, is that his name?” they all squeaked together.”
It appeared from the way they spread around that, they were satisfied about the matter and of course, it is her private life and they should not take too much interest in it. One girl could not control herself and pushed herself close to Rohini and suggested in a whisper, “Your choice is really remarkable.” On hearing this comment Rohini started laughing. And that was really good for all of them. The atmosphere had become easy. Moving her sleek palm graciously around her head, Rohini collected her hair behind her neck by both her hands and tied a neat knot. She was about to get out of the bed and then Mahendra peeped out of the curtain on the door of kitchen that opened in the living room and politely requested, “Madame, are these friends of yours going to join you at the meal?” on listening to this enquiry all the girls shouted together, “No, no, we have had our meal, Rohini please, carry on and do your meal. We are moving. Sorry for the inconvenience we caused you. They all had apology written largely on their faces. Rohini now standing upright brushing her gown to clean the wrinkles that had formed as she had sat on the box bed, smiled graciously and said to them all, “Never mind, it was pleasure you all came uninvited. I am planning to give you girls a small party next Sunday if you are approving of it. I want to see how good Mahendra manages that event. On hearing this declaration all the girls roared pleasantly accepting the suggestion. After a pause she announced, “tomorrow at lunch break we shall decide the menu and I want that party to be, like a picnic at home, sort of thing. Do you all agree?” “What a question? Why not?” they all roared with great pleasure together.
All the colleagues of Rohini now collected together in the lobby ready to move out and say good night to Rohini. Mahendra came from the kitchen and graciously opened the entrance door of the apartment so that they can rush out into the elevator passage. As they were pouring out of the flat there came two ladies out of the next apartment and stood waiting for these girls to get to the lift. The office colleagues were gone and a new matter was present before Miss Rohini Ramadasi, CEO labour department, Zenith International Limited.

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