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Silent Love - 6

Silent Love - 6
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Rohini slammed the door of her nano car and rushed towards the elevator bloc. Normally she is an early attender and at that time there were no people waiting outside the elevator but today she was late and so she sees a very long queue there. A little annoyed Rohini slowly ambles near the queue. She sees a few of her staff members standing in the queue, they looking to her giggle at each other and say hello to her. She returns the greetings and stands at the end of the queue. A young man a little flabby, about five feet and eight inches, height same as that of Rohini who is actually standing at the other end of the queue very close to the elevator looks back at Rohini and signs her to come to him. No body in the queue objects to this and gracefully Rohini walks past the queue and comes to stand next to him. He says, “hay, Good morning Rohini, how is it that you are late?” Rohini looks to him and gives a coy smile “yah, I am having an unexpected guest and so I was a little late, sorry for this.” “oh never mind that Rohini such things keep happening in ones life. I would have managed the day if you had waited to attend on your guest.” On hearing these comments she laughs sweetly. Her beautiful face beams with some unusual brightness. She blushes, her palm slightly covering her face as if she does not want to show her inner feelings to others. “Oh, Rohit you are such a nice man. “I know I can depend on you”, she exclaims. On hearing her comments Rohit blushes and pointing to her shows his approval of her comments. Lift comes to the ground floor and they all get into it. On sixth floor some of them get out and enter in the glass door of Messrs. Zenith International Limited. They proceed to their respective places. Rohini’s chamber was at the end of the corridor. Her attendant a young girl of almost her own age, Smita receives her with a smile. Both of them occupy the same chamber. Smita is Rohini’s secretary and also a very close mate. Being of the same age they have become very intimate to each other. Both would share their problems and discuss about everything that happens around. There was one other friend Rohini had in the company, Vaishali. This second friend of Rohini was in charge of other department and was placed in another chamber.
Rohini occupied her seat opposite a very large and well-kept desk. Vaishali enters the chamber with a mischievous smile on her face. “hey, what kept you so late? You are never late before.” Rohini repeated the excuse she had thrown to Rohit and looking carefully to both her friends was trying to guess what is the reaction. Vaishali approached near the desk and stood pressing on the desk, watching intently she asked jerking her neck beautifully “who was that man?” looking straight in Rohini’s eyes. Rohini startled at this most unexpected attack. Looking confused keeps looking at Vaishali without any comment. A few moments go very silent and Smita breaks the silence, “What do you mean, Vaishali?”
Let your boss answer!” Vaishali retorts with a winning smile. Both Vaishali and Smita are now looking with some solid expectation to Rohini. Rohini suggests, “Let us get to our work, I shall explain everything at lunch break. A telephone call rings loudly and the meeting is over, every body rush for their work to their respective desks. Routine daily work is resumed and for a while they all forget it.

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