Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Funny Fiasco – 19

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Village of Khopkar and scene of Khopkar’s house, Khopkar has done his wedding to Rupali but he decides to keep Rupali and her daughter Seema at his house in the village with his elder brother. For the time being let them stay here while I make suitable arrangements in Mumbai, Pandurang tells his brother. While Pandurang is seen talking to his brother and other members of the family there come Nanasaheb and shridhar with Nilu to bid farewell to Khopkar. As Khopkar notices the three he turns to them, greets them with a smile and tells Nanasaheb that he will do the talk for wedding of Shridhar and Rashmi and cancel the expected betrothal of Damu with Rashmi. Pandurang tells them that, “We can not blame Anant as he does not know of Damu’s betrothal having been fixed with Nilu and so he wanted Damu for his daughter. You should understand Anant as you are a father of a girl your self.” Khopkar explains to Nanasaheb. Nanasaheb jolts his shoulders approvingly. Nanasaheb congratulates Pandurang on his marriage with Rupali and says a few words to admire his forethoughts.

The time for the bus to Mumbai and he leaves the place.

Scene of Khopkar’s quarter at the hotel, a very simple but well kept room Pandurang enters the room looks very tired due to the travel. Put down his bag and relaxes in the bed, throwing his chappals in one corner carelessly. {Camera moves on the room showing photos of gods and saints, indicating the nature of Khopkar as a god fearing decent innocent person.} There is a knock on the door. “Who is that? Come on in Ramu” Khopkar yells. The door opens slowly and there Manorama is seen standing on the door threshold holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She waits for Khopkar to open his eyes to see her. As he opens his eyes slowly and sees her, he gets up in haste and sits showing politeness and grace indicating how he respects the lady. Smiling Manorama enters the room and keeps the bouquet on a table. Sits on the bed; resting her on the sidewall to which the cot is touching. Both greet each other and they talk about the village trip. “How was the trip? I was very pleased that you took the decision to marry. Why did you not bring her? I heard she has a daughter, where shall she stay. Will she be with you two or else? A volley of questions pours out from Manorama. After she finished her questions, quietly Pandurang gets up from his bed and standing; tells her that the mother and daughter both is his responsibility but as the schools are in the middle he decided to keep them at his elder brother’s house in the village. They may come next year, as my daughter will be enrolled in the new school here. Manorama is all praise for his broad mindedness in accepting a widow and her daughter. While she is saying something of the sort {Director may suggest additional conversation to go with the topic} Khopkar interrupts here and says,
Please, Tai do not say that. Ashok was my best friend and if I do something to help his family, I feel greatly obliged! We all must think in this way the way I do and help our country. I do not think having done any favor to Rupali or her, oh, sorry, our daughter Seema. {More talk may be added if time permits} after some more chatting Khopkar opens the topic of Nilu.
How you like Damu, Tai”? Khopkar
Since you ask, I must tell you my true opinion of that man, I don’t think he is right choice for our Rashmi! He is more like your friend Anant, and Pandurang I do not want my daughter to put up with the type of mental tensions I have been undergoing”! Manorama says with exasperation on her face. Khopkar gesticulates that he agrees with her point.

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