Monday, October 29, 2018

Silent Love – 16

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Mahendra had prepare some very delightful snacks. He told Rohini that those snacks he learned from the old lady Mrs. Chandavarkar. This time even though he uttered her name she did not feel uneasy, she knew that there was no danger from those ladies and she appreciated the cookies. Rohini was thinking about how to open the topic of his past memories. One brain wave came to her and she decided to ask him if he remembers name of Mr. Joshi. Rohini returned to the topic and asked Mahendra if he knows any man by the name Mr. Joshi. Mahendra told her that as she began to ask him about his past he feels that he can bring back some of the things who have been deep in his sub-conscience. He told her that he feels that one friend of his by that name was in the group of young men who founded the company. This piece of information was to Rohini like a big step forwards in the search of his past. Rohini felt very comfortable and asked him, “Can you recognize that man if he happens to see him?”
I feel I can recognize him but quite a time has passed and it is possible that the features and other parts are changed but overall I can show some confidence that it is possible”.

Mahendra looking to her asks, “But why are you asking all these questions? And how you can bring that man or his photo to me? Do you mean you know him?”
A volley of questions Mahendra threw at her simply perplexed her. She put both her palms on her ears and requested him to stop throwing so many queries at one time. This amused Mahendra and both of them began to laugh at that. Rohini showing her right palm to him, told him that he should please first listen to her. “Mahendra, I want to find out your past because we must do it. You must return to your people and I want to help you in that since now we are friends!”
Let me tell you something, Mahendra I have an inclination that I know something of your past! It may not be correct but nothing like testing the facts.” Rohini
What facts?” Mahendra
I am working for a corporation similar to the one you said was founded by you and your friends some eight or ten years ago. And in that I know a person by that name, Mr. Joshi who is MD of the Corporation. Do you remember I called you to help me in solving a problem and you helped me! When I gave the presentation that you had explained to me this Joshi told me that I spoke like his old pal one Vishwajit Velkar. When I asked about the man nobody in the office could give me any details and then only told me that this Vishwajit Velkar simply vanished. Ever since I got these clues I have a brain wave that you could be that Vishwajit Velkar and now you seem to have forgotten your original name and some how you call yourself Mahendra!”
Oh, so that is the matter and so you think that you will be able to establish me as Vishwajit Velkar? Very nice of you but now that you have come with all this information let me tell you Rohini; but this is a very important thing that you keep the secret of mine to yourself and not reveal to even that Josh!”
What do you mean are you really Vishwajit?” Rohini puts the question with all surprise on her face.
You are correct, Rohini I am that unfortunate Velkar moving around in disguise. That Joshi you talked about is the man who made his of me! If you tell him that I am in your house that scoundrel will begin his plans to nail me down. So please, let the matter remain as it is and allow me to stay at your place for some more time and then I shall move out.”
On hearing this Rohini gets a shock of her life. she holds his arm and clings to his side deeply embracing him she whispers, “Dear this is your house. You can stay here always and actually I do not want you to go anywhere now!”

Mahendra holds her in his powerful arms and they stay there like that for some time. Rohini is now weeping out of joy of which she could not express.

Dear, how all this happened. Can you tell me the details? Can I be of any assistance in this matter so that you can be saved?” Rohini

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