Saturday, September 23, 2017

Funny Fiasco – 17

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Anant’s office Anant is busy with his secretary and in the meanwhile, phone hums. Anant takes it and listens.
Who is it? Anant
Baba it is me Rahul, I am talking.” Voice on the other side
Who? Ohh, Rahul, what is it dear?
Baba Aai has fainted. It so happened that I came along with Rashmi and Rashmi you know the girl with whom my gift got mixed up. She was introduced to Aai and she wanted to see you also but when we were at my study looking my robots that I heard Aai yelling and when we came out to see we saw that Aai is fainted unconscious, I am dam frightened. Can you come and help?” Rahul’s voice on the other side
What? You are with whom in the house? Did you say Rashmi? That girl with whom your gift had exchanged? Ohh, my goodness!” Anant looks horrified at the very idea that the two have met and the worst part is that now Rashmi is at Anjali and still worst part is that Anjali is fainted. Anant is terribly uneasy with this situation and does not understand what to do. Worst part is that Khopkar is not around to help; he is at his native place. Anant had no choice but to say, “Hold on I shall do something and do not go away. Anant was so upset that he holds his both hands up in the sky and shouts, “Ohh, where are you my dear friend Khopkar?” and becomes unconscious himself at the idea that the whole secret of his dual marriage will be open and then the bloody ‘Will’ of Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar!
There again the phone hums and the secretary, already puzzled at the way Anant had fallen unconscious, takes it and there he hears voice of Rashmi. He recognizes her voice and immediately tells her that Anant is fallen unconscious after he received a call just a few moments ago. Rashmi tells Rahul that her father has also become unconscious. What is this, why every body goes unconscious just now! Rashmi reflects uncomfortably and innocently.
Rashmi thinks for a moment and tells Rahul that she can call her Aai.
She calls her and tells that she is at her new friend Rahul with whom her gift got exchanged and that she is in his house but his mother has fallen unconscious. “We do not understand what to do, can you come to help us?”
Give me the address.” Manorama asks coolly.
Rashmi in the haste forgets to tell that Anant is also fallen unconscious in the hotel.
Manorama receives another call from secretary of Anant and he tells her that Mr. Anant is suddenly become unconscious in the office. Manorama confused however, decides to go to office first since that was more urgent to her. Then she again considers about her daughter, changes her mind, and asks the driver to take her to the address given by Rashmi.
Anjali’s house from outside, children are in the balcony of the flat of Anjali. A car comes at the gate of the compound of the building and stops. Manorama alights from the car and looks up. Both the children wave her and Manorama walks towards the house. Looking to Manorama, Rahul shout to Rashmi saying, “Hi, I know her, is she your mother? Come on, I will show you something.” Then he takes her with him to the drawing room.
(Anjali’s flat inside the drawing room) and literally drags her to the drawing room and there Rashmi sees Manorama’s Portrait. Rashmi is shocked and keep on looking to the photo appearing totally bewildered and then looks to Rahul and exclaims,” How is that?”
Rahul opens the door and Manorama an elderly woman of decent features about 42 years old, and of medium built enters. Rashmi and Rahul go near her and Rashmi introduces Rahul to her. Manoramam smiles and touches his cheeks lovingly and automatically proceeds to the bedroom of Anjali. Both the children are standing on the side of Manorama and there she sees Anjali sleeping quietly on her bed. Manorama keeps looking to her for some time and there is a shrewd grin on her face. Manorama touches her forehead and lightly pats on it; sprinkles some water drops. Slowly Anjali opens her eyes and sees the surroundings. Now Anjali perceives Manorama, gets up with a bolt and sits on the bed.

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