Monday, October 1, 2018

Silent Love – 15

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Mahendra lifted his head straight and looking to the ceiling of the room whispered, “I have forgotten my past. Actually I do not remember it properly. Nevertheless, I shall try to narrate whatever I can gather from my memory.”
Will it be okay if I ask you a query and you just reply to that and in that way we can collect the information? How do you like the idea?” Rohini
It sound good, may be that can give me some help in remembering my past.” Mahendra
My first question is What is you real name? Is it Velkar?” Rohini
This made Mahendra silent. He was in his deep thoughts. Rohini looked up to him and shrugging him by pushing a little on his arms said, “what is the matter? Cannot remember your name? with a sad smile on her face she shrugged again on his arms.
I think you may be correct. I don’t remember exactly but I feel my name is Velkar.” Mahendra
My second query is when did you do your MBA in management?” Rohini
I did it almost immediately as I passed my post graduation from Mumbai University but the years... sorry I don’t remember that.” Mahendra
What did you do after you did your MBA?”
I now remember, we friends were all working in a foreign company as apprentice for some two years and there our boss an American executive suggested that he would like to pass the work of his company to us if we friends form a joint Company. This encouraged all of us that the senior level executive sees us as fitting people to take over the work. And we formed the Company.” Mahendra.
What was the name of that company?” Rohini
I do not remember the name now.”
Was it called Zenith International?”
Rohini began to look to Mahendra carefully to see the reactions on his face. Mahendra’s face twisted a bit and it appeared from the gestures on his face that he was trying to remember something but was not able to do it.
Sorry mam I can not remember the name!”
Can you remember names of your partners? At least any one name?” Rohini
Can I help you find names of your partners?” Rohini
Was one name Mr. Joshi?” Rohini
Mahendra looked a little uneasy but he could not recollect the names of his associates.
Now Mahendra remembered some thing else, “Mam, I am sorry. I should have thought of that first but just got involved in talking. Let me go and prepare for you some thing to eat, you have just come from office.”
Rohini liked it but this time she was more interested in knowing about what he remembers of his past. Mahendra pushed her hold on his right arm and rose up to go to the kitchen.
Rohini shrugged and stretching herself on the box bed remained, as if she wanted to take a nap. Actually Rohini was planning as to how to get him talk. But was not getting to the exact method to do it.
Part 9 ends...
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