Monday, November 13, 2017

Funny fiasco – 21

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Khopkar returns to Manorama saying, “I know this idiot since his childhood. His egotistic behavior is not new to me. But remember Shridhar is good and that place is no more a rustic village. Thing have changed altogether. Moreover, our Rashmi is a botany, microbiology student and this boy Shridhar is doctor in those subjects, and that is why I feel they will be better match. As for Damu, Nilu is betrothed to him and so we should respect the desire of the two late mothers of Damu and Nilu. Manorama agrees with Khopkar's sentiments and tells him to be patient.
Khopkar reaches the hotel and finds that a telegram has come for him. He opens and reads that Nanasaheb is coming with Shridhar and Nilu to see Damodar and they want to book one big suite for the three in Anants's hotel.
Now this situation is rather difficult to handle; if Anant sees them, gets wild, and misbehaves it would be not good for the business and so he calls Damu.
Damu comes to know that Nilu is coming. Damu is a chaloo boy as for girls are concerned and so he enquires how is Nilu. Khopkar tells him Nilu is more beautiful than Rashmi, rest he better finds as she actually comes. Khopkar warns him if he misses Nilu he will repent for all his life so be careful.
Damu is anxious to see Nilu but according to the customs he cannot see her like that. Khopkar explains to him.
Damu is now in two minds and promises Khopkar to keep away from Rashmi from that time until he sees Nilu.
Khopkar knows that if Damu on his own returns to Nilu; Anant can do nothing.
Hotel reception hall and Nanasaheb, Shridhar and Nilu are entering.
Khopkar personally receives them and shows them there suite. Nanasaheb makes the payment immediately for the suite and they relax. Balcony of the suite is opening in the interior portion of the hotel so that standing in the balcony one can see the swimming pool of the hotel. Anant’s chamber has a balcony that opens on the same side so that one standing in one balcony can see other standing in the other balcony.
Nanasaheb and Shridhar meet Khopkar in his cabin and want to discuss the matters but they did not want Nilu to hear them. They tell Khopkar that Nilu is upset on knowing that Damu is not going to marry her and she is in a very bad mood. Khopkar phones Damu and calls him to see him but does not inform him that Nanasaheb and Shridhar are here.
Khopkar tells Nanasaheb that they had better meet Damu in some other hotel for better privacy. They agree and the three move out to other hotel of Khopkar’s friend a few blocks away. Damu meets Nanasaheb and Shridhar and they talk well. Nanasaheb smilingly take out a colored photo of Nilu and show it to him. Damu is shocked at that photo. “What? Is this Nilu?”
Khopkar looking to him nods positive and tells him to meet her at the supper that evening. Damu accepts the invitation. “It is an invitation from Khopkar to all the four. Here in this hotel at 8 o’clock.” Khopkar announces.

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