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Funny Fiasco – 12

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A set of village house something like those in Kolhapur.
An elderly man sitting on a swing on a spacious verandah swing is moving delicately. A young beautiful girl comes out of the house giving the man something to drink and tells him news.
Baba, Pandukaka of the Khopkar’s is coming today. I have not seen him ever since I have grown. I am anxious to see him. Man gives a broad smile holding the girl by one hand on her shoulder, pats her gently. She gives a shy smile. “Nilu, this your Pandukaka, I mean Khopkar will tell us about how Damodar is doing in the city. I hope he has settled properly. I am anxious to see you wed him at the earliest.”
Your Aai and Aai of Damodar were childhood friends and they decided that there friendship be more permanent by this marriage. Unfortunately, both the women are no more. Nanasaheb, the elderly man, father of Nilo alias Nilima, looks to sky indicating that they are dead.

Set of similar but different village house, in the same village a few individuals are gathered around Khopkar sitting, chatting with them. Nanasaheb and his son Shridhar, brother of Nilu come and they are greeted by all the members of the meet.
So how are things in the city?” casually Nanasaheb inquires to Khopkar.
For some reasonable time there is silence showing Khopkar is gathering strength to speak out to Nanasaheb the truth about Damu. Finally, he gathers strength and asks Nanasaheb, “How about Shridhar? Is he settled properly?”
Why are you talking about Shridhar? Do you have any thing special for my son?” Nanasaheb inquires inquisitively.
Again waits for some time and then Khopkar says, “I wanted to know if Shridhar is ready for the marriage?”
This relieves Nanasaheb and with a roaring laugh he tells, “Of course, Shridhar has done his Doctorate in microbiology and has opened a lab to make special probiotic those boost farm production. You know Pandurang when I used those probiotic in my field for trial they increased yield four times and these probiotic are eco-friendly. With God’s grace his lab is doing very well.”
Looking to Khopkar airily with a smirk on his face Nanasaheb inquires, “Do you have a proposal for my son?”
Huh... yes you can consider that way but all depends upon the young people. Those days of elders deciding nuptials are gone and we can at the most recommend.” Khopkar
Never mind but whose daughter is it by the way?” Nanasaheb
Who else's my boss and friend Anant Antarkar’s daughter Rashmi.” Khopkar
Nanasaheb looks to Shridhar for his reaction. Shridhar is silent with a beam.
In the meantime, there arrives Nilu dressed like a city girl and stands next to Shridhar holding at his waist.
Who is this beautiful lady? Enqiures Khopkar curiously
This is my sister Nilu.” Exclaims Shridhar, putting his hand on her shoulders
Ohh, so this is Nilu.” Khopkar cries out with a smile his face shining with surprise.
Khopkar keeps looking to the girl for some time and the other people there standing can see her and her gesture. She is truly very beautiful.
Khopkar tells what is being planned in Anant’s place and hearing that Nanasaheb becomes infuriated and stands up orders Shridhar that they must forth with start for Mumbai and stop that betrothal arrangement between Rashmi and Damodar. Nanasaheb shouts to Khopkar and warns him about the commitment between the two mothers who are no more. Damodar shall marry my Nilu and no other girl.
The betrothal is not yet fixed and so no need to be in a hurry.” Khopkar tells softly to pacify Nanasaheb. Khopkar advises Nanasaheb that he should be careful and manage the situation after seeing Rashmi, as his would be daughter-in-law!

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Continues in next post –
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