Saturday, August 12, 2017

Funny Fiasco – 14

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Meena will keep the gauze inside her blouse between the breasts and as Rahul sits next to her, she will hold his head deep pressed between her breasts...
Listening to this arrangements all the girls start laughing. Rashmi jokingly looks into the valley between the two breasts of Meena and tries to measure the gap. This action makes all of the again laugh loudly. If Rahul falls for Meena what to do? Asks Rashmi, cautiously.

Please, do not laugh but Meena is the only girl amongst us who has real bosom to hide this gauze.” Pranoti explains with all the seriousness.
Meena blushes but duty is duty and so readies for the task.

Meena is also strong enough to hold and press that boy. I have seen him at his college. My investigating team located his college and Rahul is a boy worth the fun for any girl. There is no trouble from such boys. Girls can enjoy flirting with such boys as there is no trouble possible and I am sure Rashmi will have no objection to Meena playing the role.” - Pranoti completes her explanation.

My only concern is that Rahul will not be hurt at any thing we will do to him. Please be sure of that.” Rashmi

What hurt?” Meena points out with a smirk on her face and says, “Actually he is going to enjoy it.” Meena says, while heaving her bosom! All girls began to laugh.
Looking to Rashmi and pointing towards her, Pranoti roars, “You will not be there so that Rahul will never know for whom we are doing it.

But by any chance if Rahul can escape?” Rashmi
No chance we are all black belt girls and Pranoti looks to the other girls for their approval and they all hold there hands up and admit that Rahul cannot escape there grip.

Rashmi is shown sitting quietly on the bed of Pranoti looking to nowhere and anticipating that everything planned works. {Directors choice, her gestures}
What shall we do after Rahul spells out his address? The other girl, Deepti asks.
If he tells it easily then we shall release him immediately with a friendly pat on his back and any one of you may kiss him since Rahul looks pretty.” Pranoti speaks with a guffaw. These comments annoy Rashmi and she looks angrily towards Pranoti.

Scene of a quiet road, sparingly passersby are moving on the road. On one side a big limousine is parked and Pranoti is sitting at the driver’s seat with goggles dressed like a boy. Two other girls Meena and Dipti are loitering around a parked small car probably a nano as if they are waiting for somebody. One more car, a convertible one, is waiting with Rashmi at the drivers seat wearing a big goggle to almost hide her face and scarf around her head covering it completely; she is so covered that nobody can know that she is Rashmi. After some time Rahul appears from the nearby lane and comes to the parked nano. Sees that front tyre is flat keeps wondering in the mean time Meena a big sized heavy looking girl one of those who were loitering near nano approach Rahul and tapping on his shoulder enquires grinning, “What is the matter? Can I help you?”

No thanks, I shall go by auto-rickshaw.” Rahul exclaims and turns to see if there is any around on that quite road. Dipti comes forward and tell him that she can give him a lift. She and her friends have a car and point to the limousine parked only a few paces away. Before Rahul can give any reaction both the girls practically drag him to the limousine and try to push him in side but they did not know the strength of this eighteen-year-old young man. He gives a powerful jerk and there Dipti falls on the road. Meena gets a little nervous and says abruptly, “Sorry, we just wanted to give you a lift!”

Rahul is somewhat afraid of these two upstarts and looks around to see if he can escape these two girls. And begins to move away from the spot and there comes the car of Rashmi very close to him and Rashmi calls Rahul, “Rahul, hop in!” Rahuls looks to her, at that time she removes her goggles and there he sees somebody he knew and without second thought jumps in the car and there they speed up and almost vanish away from the trio.

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