Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Funny Fiasco – 11

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That was morning time, Rahul’s study
Rahul is relaxing with reading some comic book. He appears to be in a very joyous mood. Anjali enters his room with a sad smile (expressions similar to those a student has on her face when appearing for an exam) carrying a tray with morning breakfast. Seeing this Rahul jumps out of his bed and eyes with bolt from the blue looking to mom with excitement, mouth half-open with wonder exclaims, “What a pleasant surprise mom, you came to my room with breakfast? You could have called me as usual!”
It is not like that, but Rahul, I want to tell some very important thing to you and I want you to tell me; how you feel about it?” On listening this intriguing explanation, Rahul looks more puzzled.
Anjali completes her first entry.
Rahul sits at the table and begins to eat the breakfast least bothered about what his mother has to say since he knew that it must be about some usual things. While eating he looks up to Anjali and finds that she is in a very pensive mood. “What is the matter Aai?” Rahul asks her now a little more worried about his mother.
Anjali is chocked; could not open the conversation for which she had come all prepared. This surprises Rahul even more. He realizes that the matter is not usual but much more serious and pain in his voice complains to Anjali, “What is the thing you wanted to share with me? Is it so difficult that you cannot tell me without tears in your eyes?”
Anjali sits next to Rahul holding him by her hands pushes her head on his back and starts to cry.
This panics Rahul. “Aai if you do not tell me I shall start crying myself please be clear, what are you shy of telling me about?”
Anjali had failed in doing what she was feeling so confident about and leaves the room, holding her sari padar on her eyes, almost running.
Rahul is standing speechlessly for some time showing some pensiveness on his face and then he takes his mobile and makes a call to somebody.

Damu’s cabin, Anant is sitting on the sofa, Damu sitting next to him and Khopkar sitting on a chair facing the two. They are in a pensive mood. No body is talking for a while and then...
We have failed in talking to Rahul. Anjali was feeling very confident that she can speak to him but when she actually went to talk, she could not say a word. The whole thing is eating her. My Anjali is crying for no fault of her and it was my fault that I allured her to me, Khopkar, I am sorry I snatched Anjali from you but those were different times and now I am feeling very ashamed of myself.” Anant is sobbing as men do.

Khopkar shows relief on his face that at last Anant has admitted that he made a mistake that he took Anjali from me. A sad smile on Khopkar’s face is very clearly visible.
There was no talk but only silence before they break the meeting Khopkar softly asks Anant, “I have a request for you, Anant.”
What is it dear friend?” Anant
I have to go to my native place for some urgent work about my family property and I need a leave for some seven days. I shall come immediately as finish the work, I must be present since I have to sign some documents.”
Why you request Pandurang? You can get leave any day please be comfortable and ... but come soon. This is the time when I need your presence most. Without you, I feel, I am not complete.” Damu looks all surprised at the meeting but he has nothing to add on it.
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