Thursday, June 29, 2017

Funny fiasco – 10

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Anjali’s room
Anant slowly enters the room and quietly sits in a chair next to the bed. Anjali is making her hair before going to bed. She looks to Anant and by sign, she asks, what is the matter? Why are you so somber? Anant looks down at the ground and sits like a pupil who has committed some prank in the classroom. This gesture was new to Anjali and she smilingly enquires by eye movement.
Is anything very serious? Anjali questions anxiously.

Anant tells her that he wishes to tell everything about Rahul’s birth to Rahul so that he can give us co-operation in future. Anjali sits still without any reaction as she feels this may rebound on them, may be they will loose any respect son has for them and it may be worse for Rahul to know that his father and mother are like this.
Both sit motionless looking to nowhere.
Do, what you think proper. I am sure my Rahul loves me and he will pardon me.” Anjali
It is OK for you; you are his mother and you will command all sympathy from him but what of me?” Anant murmurs sadly.

Anjali with tears in her eyes begins to sob. Anant takes her in his arms and tries to pacify her.

Anjali says to Anant, “Actually we are both innocent, we did not mean to do any harm to Tai (Anjali is shown to refer to Manorama, Anant's first wife, as Tai) she is having all the pleasures of life and I never even thought of replacing her then why I have to suffer all this?” Her sobbing grows and Anjali stops saying anything. The moment is very solemn; Anjali pushes Anant away from herself, showing her rejection.

Then suddenly Anjali gets up and tells Anant, “Yes, we shall tell my son everything and ask him, if he wants to punish us for our weakness that we, his parents, fell for our passion? And if he wants to punish us, we shall accept whatever punishment he gives. I want it this way and Anant, you must accept it.”

Then she adds, “I know Tai, and I am sure even she will forgive us for whatever has happened”! On that Anant looks sadly to Anjali with a sad smile on his face.
Anant whispers, “If you feel this way, you may tell him but I dare not. I have to think of more things than just Rahul, it is about the will. You do not understand, we may lose everything for just one wrong move,” Anant further adds, I kept this secret not for nothing, but you shall not get all those things of business.
Leave that matter to me and let me tell him and be ready for the penalty.” Anjali
Anant exclaims, “But... I...!” Please, Anjali, do not be so impatient dear.

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