Monday, June 19, 2017

Funny fiasco – 9

Continues from the previous post –
There always is a solution to it!” Damu
Let me suggest, when Rahul and the imposter will meet Rashmi I will be with Rashmi; since I am going to be betrothed with her soon that will go well. I will see that Rashmi has fewer questions to ask or none”. Damu
Problem is, this must be arranged at the earliest while betrothal is going to take place not immediately”. Anant
I mean not actual betrothal but a verbal acceptance by both the parents and we are allowed to go for dating together that will do.” Damu, eyes sparkling.
Not a bad idea” Khopkar murmurs narrowing his eyes.
Finally they agree that something like this has to work and Khopkar says, “We are unnecessarily worried about it”.
Anant is looking nowhere as if he shows imagining something. His face becomes flashy.

A Scene showing this sequence and in that Rahul is with his pseudo father walking in the market place where Rashmi accompanied by Damu come face to face and there Rashmi says hi! To Rahul and Rahul returns the greeting with a smile and then without asking from Rashmi introduces to her his father. Rashmi sees the father of Rahul and keeps looking to that man surprise on her face. Exclaims but this is Prakash Phatarphekar I know I have seen his drama, “To mich hoto”, Prakash Phatarphekar exclaims, in Marathi, intuitively. Sensing the trouble Damu rushes Rashmi away forcing her on one side insisting that they are late for the movie. To that, Rashmi asks, which movie? There Rahul and the bogus Anant also realize that the drama is about to be over and vanish in the crowd.} Anant sees this in his mind and roars anxiously, “No, no this is going to be terrible. Khopkar does not understand what Anant means by that, and makes faces.
Anant's private chamber, Anant walking in the room, uneasiness written large on his face, moving his hands restlessly.
'How can I ask Rahul to accept that pseudo Anant when he meets Rashmi?'
'What excuse I can tell him so that he will believe that true identity of his real father should be concealed. Or should I clearly tell him the truth and ask him to pardon me and give co-operation? Will it work? Could Rahul be so understanding? Questions and questions spinning in the mind of Anant make him upset as never before. Finally, Anant decides to tell the truth of the situation and considers that this could be Rahul’s test as to know if he truly loves his mother and me.
Late evening time, Rahul’s study room,
Anant goes to Rahul’s room. Rahul is studying quietly. He is a good and very understanding boy and so very dear to both his parents. Anant is standing at the entrance door of his room, in two minds what to do and how to start? Anant was never in such an awkward situation. One mind warns him that he better first consult Anjali and ask Anjali to do the bidding while other mind was suggesting taking a chance. Anant is in a quandary after stopping at the door without speaking to Rahul (sadness and anxiety on his face) returns to their bedroom where Anjali was preparing to go to sleep.

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