Monday, June 12, 2017

Funny fiasco – 8

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What does it mean?” Rashmi
I am sure, Rashmi there is some enigma in this Rahul’s matter. We must not stop at any thing now. We shall investigate the matter to its logical end!” Pranoti says while hitting her right hand fist on the palm of her left hand. Frowning Pranoti says, “This is going to be my real story, Rashmi.”
You remember Rashmi, after we called him and his mother took the phone and then cut it, that happened just two days ago, and now we find that the number is changed? This clearly means Rahul’s mother does not want you two to meet and that she does not want you to go to their house.” Pranoti explain her point.
Rashmi does not take the matter in that serious tone and explains her point of view, “It may be that his mother is overly watchful of her son and that, she does not want any girl friends of Rahul to be too friendly and so she changed the phone so that, I can not contact him again.”
Yes, that could be other possibility but mind my words Rashmi the matter is definitely not as simple as you think. I am sure. Changing phone number and that too in such a short notice for just keeping Rahul’s girlfriends from calling is not accepted by my reasoning. If this is the cause then I am sure she will have to keep changing his phone numbers almost every week.” Pranoti puts her doubt with a smirk. They both laugh.
Well whatever be the cause for the changing of phone but the bottom line is we will not get the address of Rahul so easily.” Pranoti.
Why not ask our other friends to find any other way to get his address.” Rashmi
Orkut? May be Rahul is on Orkut as all boys are and there he has given his address”. Rashmi
Don’t be funny no sensible guy gives addresses on Orkut for safety reasons and do not think Rahul can give it on Orkut”. Pranoti rules out the possibility waving her both hands in air.

Damu’s office, evening time, Anant with a very serious face sitting on a sofa in Damu’s cabin Khopkar is sitting on a chair opposite Damu’s table. Damu sitting in front of him both are planning for some thing.
Damu, if by any chance Rashmi can reach up to Rahul and know the truth and spell it out to her mother I am finished. We must do something to keep the hotel in my charge. You know if hotel goes in the hand of Manorama’s uncle, Nana, not only I will be out but also both of you I mean, you and Khopkar will loose the business and the job for Khopkar. We are a team and this is the time when you two can help”. Anant explains to them.
I have an idea.” Interrupts Khopkar
We can create an imposter who will pretend to be Anant and we will so arrange that Rahul and this bogus Anant will by planned chance happen to meet Rashmi some where in market where she often goes. There Rahul will introduce that Anant to Rashmi as his father and that’s all”. Khopkar.
Where shall we get that bloody imposter?” Anant wearily enquires, almost shouting.
I know one Prakash Phatarphekar a drama artist and on payment he can do the role perfectly well.” Khopkar
Not a bad plan but how shall we get Rahul to join this plan. We must find a very convincing excuse to tell him so that he will agree to do it and that is possible only to Anant. Anant will explain to Rahul as to why he must pretend to be a son of that pseudo Anant”. Damu puts his suggestion.
This is all ok but what excuse to convince Rahul to do the acting”? Anant laments.
One more difficulty is that this bloody, my surname! There are not many Antarkars in this small world like Patils and Joshies”. Grieves Anant.
One more difficulty could be, if and if Rashmi keeps on asking questions to the dual and the imposter makes any mistake while replying then the show will be over. I shall be finished”. Anant

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