Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Funny Fiasco – 7

Continues from the previous post –

Pranoti goes inside the room and comes with two cups of steaming hot tea.
She serves it to Rashmi. Both continue to chat over that tea.

Rashmi calls Rahul now one more time. Bell is ringing and somebody picks the phone. “Oh, there you are!” exclaims Rashmi
Hello, who is it” a woman’s voice on the other side.
Hello, here I am talking, is Rahul there?” Rashmi

May I know who is calling?” woman’s stern voice from the strength of that voice Rashmi understands that this is some grown up woman. She becomes cautious and continues the conversation.

Here I am Rashmi, Rahul knows me and I want to ask him something. Will you please give him the phone? And may I know who are you on Rahul’s phone?” Rashmi enquires her inquisitiveness at the peak.

I am his mother. Rahul is not home and he has left the phone to me. What can I tell him when he comes?” woman’s voice
Tell him Rashmi Antarkar had phoned.” Rashmi

While Rashmi tries to continues the conversation with the mother of Rahul; to know more and asks about his address, so that she can come over to his place for a chat. The voice on the other side asks, "What did you say, Antarkar"?

Phone is suddenly cut. Rashmi calls again but to her surprise she finds that the mobile on the other side is disconnected. She tells Pranoti, Pranoti comments on that, "these mothers of boys are all alike. They simply do not like any girl who wants to talk with their sons"!

Both are at loss to understand this enigmatic behavior of Rahul’s mother. “Never mind this, we shall now really investigate and go to the bottom of this.” Pranoti assures Rashmi with a twisted face as if she has accepted the challenge. Pranoti also pats on her thighs as if she has accepted the challenge.

Set of Anjali’s bedroom Anjali is standing near her dressing table; she has sensed danger in the matter and, decides to tell Anant, about the phone from Rashmi to Rahul. Anjali calls Anant. Anant is now really panicked. “I am now afraid that Rahul may contact her and if she asks him the address and then he may give it... Oh, the whole thing makes me feel twitchy,” tells Anjali to Anant. Anant says that he is now to be very cautious and the matter should be settled without any hustle. “Dear, do not get panicky, I shall manage it properly. One thing good for us is that both Rashmi and Rahul are innocent and there is no harm from them but the situation may become worst if Rashmi talks the matter to her mother! Luckily Rahul and Rashmi are not in the same college”. They continue to talk to each other.
Set of Anants Living room he calls Khopkar and ask his advice. The expert advice from Khopkar was “immediately change mobile number of Rahul by giving him a new mobile with new number. Rahul will take that as a present and we shall take his present phone. That is all"! Khopkar gives his expert advice.

What excuse we shall offer to him if Rahul asks about this sudden gift? Khopkar suggests that his mother and not you will give it; she shall tell that she somehow lost his mobile!

It is done forth with.

Set of the same chawl and Pranoti’s room. Both are sitting on her cot and Rashmi calls Rahul. Phone is ringing and they hear a ring tone, a musical bit. “Rahul is now having ring tone” Rashmi remarks to Pranoti with a smile. Some body picks the phone and say, “This is Vedeo Palace, what can I do for you Sir.” On hearing this, Rashmi almost jumps and she replies, “I want to talk to Rahul Antarkar. Please give him the phone.”

Who, you said! Rahul attre? Sorry mam, there is no Rahul attri... in this company. You have received wrong number. I am Nanu Pinto; our number is...“and he tells the number of Rahul. Rashmi looks to Pranoti both are flabbergasted.

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