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Funny fiasco – 6

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This upsets Anant. This was most unexpected for him but now the situation had gone out of his hand. Anant feels quite awkward since Damu was going to be his son-in-law. Anant’s ego was hurt for the first time and that was done by the man who was going to be his son-in-law. Anant looked annoyed and also helpless; he had got his match. Anant leaves the cabin looks back to Damu, Damu was also looking to him with a winning smile and that really disturbed Anant terribly. {Director should show all those emotions on Anant's face}

The scene of a chawl where one friend of Rashmi is residing. Rashmi climbs the wooden staircase of the chawl. Comes on the first floor and reaches to a room. Door is not open and so she nocks on the door. Door is opened by a young girl of the same age as Rashmi.
Hi, Pranoti how are you?” Rashmi
What a surprise,” Pranoti
Can I come in?” Rashmi
Oh, yes, of course, please do". Pranoti
Rashmi enters the room. Looks around in that room and makes herself comfortable in one chair and at that, Pranoti hurriedly occupies other chair in that room.

"What is the matter? Anything special that you came to my house, we could have met at the college?” Pranoti.

No Pranoti, this is very special and very-very private. I want your help in doing some investigation about somebody.” Rashmi speaks out in one breathe.

What is the matter?” Pranoti, looks worried for her friend.

Rashmi tells her the episode at the hotel and requests Pranoti to investigate privately to find out, who is this Rahul, and all about him and his father.

Pranoti Kulkarni a class mate of Rashmi is presently doing investigative journalism and in the course she has to do some sort of detective work to find out details of topics which are usually not easily evident and so Rashmi expects that Pranoti can find out the address of Rahul. Once his address is found, Rashmi would go to his place to see his father and that was the plan she discussed with Pranoti. Pranoti wants to know what she knows about Rahul.

To know more about the matter Pranoti casually asks Rashmi, "What is the matter that you want to find more of this man".
"For simple reason, his name and my name are very much identical! This annoys me".

I did not get his address as I never thought that it could be so important at that time.” Rashmi

You have absolutely no information of this boy?” Pranoti

I have his mobile number.” Rashmi

Well, then why not contact him and ask his address? It is so simple.” Pranoti

Oh, yes, how it did not strike me before!” Rashmi utters smilingly.

She takes her mobile out and calls Rahul. The other side phone was ringing and after some ringing Rashmi begins to look restless; she gets an engaged tone. This happens for two three times and that shows a lot of annoyance on the faces of both the girls. Pranoti tells Rashmi, “Let us try the phone after some time. He is probably busy talking to some body so there is no reason for us to be disturbed. These are our usual experiences.”

They sit in the room talking about other things and there Rashmi remembers Damu. She tells the incidence that happened that evening and tells Pranoti that she has met the man of her choice. Both the friends enjoy the conversation. Pranoti tells her to take her to Damu when she meets him next so that she may be able to investigate of this man before hand!
"Why you say about investigating of this young man"? Rashmi questions Pranoti grudgingly.

"Please do not take me in any wrong sense, I mean by that we should be careful of everybody particularly girls of your status because some boys can fool you with sweet talk. This is a very common experience of us investigators". Pranoti tries to justify her comments.

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