Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Funny Fiasco - 5

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This puts Rashmi in deeper concern. “Why should my father do all this?” Rashmi decides to accept the invitation, asks for his office address and tells him that she shall visit his office tomorrow at six o’clock. Rashmi thinks for a while and decides to herself that she shall not tell about this meeting to anybody in the house. Rashmi continues to recollect all the things those happened that evening and all of a sudden remembers that when Pandukaka came there she and that stranger boy Rahul called him Pandukaka. What does it mean? Is it that Rahul knows Pandukaka, how? Ohh, the whole thing makes her all the more anxious. Some thing is fishy about the whole matter. Who is this Rahul; and when I touched his shoulders to pacify him, why I felt differently? I have touched boys in our class before but I never felt the way I felt when touched Rahul. Who is he? Then she further remembers that name of his father is also Anant Antarkar! Ohh, this is just impossible. I cannot bear it any more Rashmi keeps on thinking. {Director shall show her restlessness.} Rashmi decides to consult her best friend Pranoti Kulkarni. Then, she goes to sleep in that condition.

In the office of Damodar Kinkini, the other day. Beginning of the day Damu is sitting at his desk with papers strewn on the table. Damu is busy in his work and at that precise moment Anant Antarkar nocks on the door and leisurely enters the cabin. Anant is smiling his winning smile with a dash of smirk. As Damu looks up for the sake of cordiality Anant in mock graciousness says, “May I come in Mr. Chartered Accountant sahib?
So how did you like Rashmi?” Anant
Damu blushes and that is the reply to his query.
Can I take that you are ready for the proposal”? Anant
Uncle, well can I call you uncle in this new situation since we are now meeting not as client and accountant but otherwise?”
Anant spreads his both hands in air and says, "With pleasure, I am all for that, dear would be son-in-law.” Both of them laugh.
Some more conversation goes on for some time
What you are going to do today evening?” Anant
Why, any thing special?” Damu
I am planning to call you at my place to introduce you to my wife Manorama.” Anant
Sorry sir, not today, I have a very important meeting at 6 o’clock and do not know how long the meeting shall continue.” Damu
Never mind, we shall plan for it sooner and finalize the matter. You know I want Manorama to accept you as her son-in-law, which is imperative to me.” Anant tells Damu.
Now Anant Antarkar gets out of the seat and stands before Damu, his nose red and lips twisted. Damu looking to him with a sly smile finds that Anant has taken out of his chest pocket of his shirt an envelope and Anant puts it before Damu and tells him in a stern voice, “And this is bill for yesterday's refreshments!”
Damu frowns at the envelope and with a question mark on his face looks to Anant enquiringly.
I had told you to leave the place immediately after the exchange of the gifts. You had no business to sit and chat with her; you created situation I wanted to avoid, this do you understand? And so better pay for the service that my hotel gave you!” Anant scolded Damu in a firm voice.
Damu was his match. Damu opened the envelope and got a shock of his life. It was a bill of Rs. 835/- net for the refreshments he had ordered. Damu looked to Anant and back to the bill repeatedly for some times and then took out his money packet removed a thousand rupee note and put it on the bill and handed it over to Anant. Anant had not expected this type of reaction. He was expecting that Damu may apologize and then Anant shall excuse the bill.
Come on, take your charges.” Damu almost ordered Anant.
Anant accepted the note and, he was putting his hand in his pocket to get the balance change. Damu sees it and looking to Anant right in his eyes firmly orders, “Keep the change.”

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