Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Funny Fiasco - 3

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Scene of hotel’s refreshment café, Rahul enters and he looks around to see if he can see somebody in red dress. There he sees one girl in red dress sitting in the corner table as if she is waiting to meet somebody. Rahul approaches her and whispers to her, "Hi, you are Rashmi?" The girl nods and Rahul collects the chair at the table and sits opposite her. Actually, that girl is a call girl trying to catch customer. However, when Rahul asks her about the red shirt for the exchange she realizes that Rahul is not the catch and tells him that she is not that girl with a mischievous smirk. That call girl tries to hold his hand and asks him to buy her some refreshments. On that, Rahul gets more panicky. Frightened by this experience Rahul shoots up and standing begins to watch other occupants. That call girl amuses on that and looks elsewhere.

Sees Rashmi in red dress sitting with somebody and he for a while thinks that may be the girl has come with company and that does not matter as long as he gets his shirt. Rahul moves towards them and stands near Rashmi’s chair looking to both of them silently. There Rashmi looks to Rahul and she is astounded to see one more fellow in gray shirt. Rahul bends towards Rashmi and ask, “Are you Rashmi”? There Damu comes to know the danger and remembers Anant’s instructions but it was too late to repair the situation. Rahul says, “I have brought the box of earrings have you got the red shirt”? Rashmi looks at him. She is fully flabbergasted; not knowing what to do.

There Anant is watching the scene he has created at the café but he could not go to these people. He calls Khopkar to come and help the situation. Khopkar is more stunned and knows nothing as to how to handle the situation but he nears them and that creates worst situation as both the children of Anant know him very well as there foster Kaka. Both collect around him and call him “Pandukaka”, “Pandukaka”; but Khopkar refuses to listen and in a frenzy like a fool tries to drag Damu away from the place.
In the confusion, Damu skillfully pushes himself on Rahul removes the box of earrings from Rahuls pocket and puts it in the pocket of Khopkar. Since Rashmi has already, given red shirt to Damu she does not have the shirt and as Khopkar has pushed Damu he has gone away from the scene instantly sensing trouble. Rashmi looks around to see Damu but he has vanished with Khopkar. Now she can give nothing to him but keeps gaping at Rahul. As Rahul puts his palm in the pocket of his trousers finds that there is no box of the earrings. Both keep looking to each other fully stunned and not knowing what to say. Rahul does not find words to explain and there Rashmi sees the young small eighteen-year-old boy standing in front of her, speechless. Her condition was not different but she was two years older and that was something to do. She tells him, she had brought the shirt but gave it to the other man, who had said to her that he is Rahul and he was wearing the gray shirt, the trouser of the color expected, and so this is the situation; but where is earring? She questions Rahul. Rahul not knowing what to say takes out his mobile and shows SMS she had sent him and that convinces her that this man is real Rahul. Then who was that guy and why he did all that? Questions she could not apprehend. Rahul runs out of the place almost half-lamenting. There, Khopkar finds that the earrings are in his pocket and now confused as to what to do about this new situation. He again come near the table where Damu and Rashmi were sitting and to his relief finds that her purse is still there, Rashmi was a table away trying to pacify the young boy Rahul and finding opportune situation puts the box in her purse and vanishes. As Rahul leaves, the place in the most disheartened manner she also comes to the table picks her purse and leaves the place confusion written large on her face.

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