Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Funny Fiasco - 2

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Anant Antarkar’s office, in the hotel “Kismis” Anant and Khopkar are talking and Anant tells Khopkar to send two presents to two children, one is for Rahul a red colored shirt, as Rahul likes that color and a pair of earrings for Rashmi of her choice. Khopkar goes out of the cabin.

Khopkar goes to a gift shop. Khopkar purchases the two presents, packs them and deliberately puts names wrongly so that Rashmi’s gift goes to Rahul and Rahul’s to Rashmi. Khopkar always enjoyed making such fun with Anant’s family. Khopkar puts on the packs respective mobile numbers of the siblings to see what happens. Khopkar comes out of that shop with a mischievous smirk. The idea was to send these gifts to them by currier from that gift shop.
Dually those gifts reach the siblings from that shop as expected. In this, one part shows parcel in Rahul’s hand and he sees that it is delivered wrongly since it contains a red box with a pair of earrings. He reads the phone number and calls Rashmi.
In second part, shows parcel in Rashmi’s hand and she sees that it is delivered wrongly since it contains a red box with a red colored shirt. She reads the phone number and precisely at that moment Rahul’s phone, she receives.
They talk and tell each other that their gifts are wrongly delivered.
They also are overwhelmed to find that the names of their fathers are same. Both were amused to notice that even the surnames are also same. This makes them decide to see each other and they take appointments to see each other at the hotel of Anant “Kismis”. To recognize each other they decide to put on the dress and that was red dress for Rashmi and gray shirt and off white pants for Rahul.

Scene of Anant’s house and Anant and Rashmi are siting at the table to have their morning breakfast. Casually Rashmi tells to her father about the happening and blames Khopkar for the blunder he often makes. She also tells him that she is going to meet Rahul to exchange the gifts at hotel Kismis. The dress code and such other details also he comes to know from her. This is how Anant comes to know of their meeting. He wanted to thwart the meeting and so Anant asks his Chartered Accountant, Damu Dhotre, who is also a very handsome and promising young man, who was Anant’s choice for Rashmi, to help him. He tells Damu to impersonate Rahul and meet Rashmi at the hotel. By freak chance, Damu has also put on gray shirt and off white jeans. Damu had seen Rashmi at some early occasion and he can recognize her so Anant tells him to approach her first hand before Rahul can get to her. Anant knows that Rahul will always be late by his habit. Anant also gives to Damu a second pair of earrings exactly similar to those sent to Rashmi, which had fallen in Rahul’s hand, but the box is yellow.

Scene of Anant’s house, Rashmi is preparing to move to the hotel, Anant is watching her movements and he sees that she has kept her mobile on a table. Anant picks it up and puts it in his pocket so that she cannot contact Rahul. Anant sees that in the rush of going to the hotel Rashmi forgets her mobile and that is what Anant wanted to happen. Rashmi reaches the hotel and looks around to see Rahul he had told her that he would be coming in a gray shirt and off-white trousers. She finds him seating on a corner place in the café. She approaches him. Rashmi had not seen Damu before. Damu was pretending to be unaware of her. As Rashmi approaches, he gets up and politely enquires as to what is the matter and suggests that actually he is waiting for somebody he has never seen before and wants to exchange the gifts. On hearing this, Rashmi feels dog sure that this is Rahul and introduces herself. They exchange the gifts. As per instructions from Anant, Damu is supposed to leave the hotel before real Rahul comes taking Rashmi with him away from the hotel but providence had different plans as usual. Damu is so much enthralled with Rashmi’s charm that he forgets the instructions and keeps on lingering in the café in company of Rashmi. Damu orders for a sumptuous refreshment and that actually annoys Anant who is silently watching the scene from inner apartment on CCTV Camera. Anant makes faces to show his infuriation at the bill that could be of Damu’s orders even though, they are not going to pay to hotel as it is a home matter!

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