Monday, April 3, 2017

Funny Fiasco - 1

New story begins from this post -

Anant Antarkar a wealthy hotelier is having two wives. He keeps the secret of his second wife from his first wife and therefore, both wives stay without any contact between them.

First wife is legitimate and named Manorama second wife is Anjali.

Anant has a friend cum manager of his hotel, Pandurang Khopkar. Anant always boasts about his success in keeping the two wives apart and talks of it to Khopkar. This often annoys Khopkar since Anjali was snatched away from him by Anant on the strength of his money power; Khopkar remains unmarried as a result and so he has some grudge on Anant but he keep quite as he cannot afford to lose the job. Anant has given one separate flat to Angali.

Anant has two children one from each wife Rashmi from Manorama and Rahul from Anjali. Both have same birth-date with two years difference. These siblings do not know of each other. Rahul is two years younger to Rashmi.

Anant wants to arrange marriages of his daughter Rashmi by his choice. He has many dreams about his future son in law.

Pandurang Khopkar had a little affair with Anjali before her marriage with Anant who was in the past working under Khopkar at the Anant’s hotel as a receptionist.

Manorama does not know of Anjali as her husband’s second; however, Anjali knows that Manorama is her husband’s first wife but keeps the secret. Khopar very often felt like exposing the secret but whenever he tried to do it, Anjali requested him to keep the secret for mutual interest. Angali was also fond of Khopkar for his good behavior.

Whenever Anant is at Anjali he often tells Manorama that he is at the hotel. Khopkar helps Anant in keeping his prime secret. Anant loves Manorama and does not want to lose her at any cost. In fact, Anant likes all good-looking “healthy” women.

Anant never tells about the hotel to his both children and they do not know that their father is having “that hotel”; hotel’s name is ‘Kismis”. They however, do know that their father is in hotel business. This hotel Kismis is a gift to Manorama by her late father Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar and in his will; he has specifically mentioned one condition that if and only if Anant remains loyal to Manorama, Anant shall have control of the hotel. This was so arranged because Anant has a love marriage with Manorama, the only child of Dadasaheb and Dadasaheb knew the waverly mind of Anant when it comes to women. Anant was also first working as his assistant with Dadasaheb along with Khopkar and while both were trying to get Manorama, finally Anant wins and marries her. Dadasaheb, to protect the interest of his daughter this condition was put before handing over the management of the hotel over to Anant. This was the reason why the secret of his illicit marriage with Anjali was kept concealed from Manorama. .

The story is about how Anant keeps the secret of his two marriages in all the confusion of his two marriages. .

Even though Khopkar is a friend of Anant, he is also revengeful about him since Anant took away Anjali; but he cannot do any big harm to him. Khopkar wants to damage Anant's position in the eyes of his wife since; Anant had helped him in his bad times. Nevertheless, some anger was present in Khopkar’s mind so also he wants to teach Anant a lesson by jeopardizing his plans, whenever it comes to do with Anjali. Therefore, Khopkar is always in two minds and makes wrong things when dealing with Anant’s family matters.

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