Monday, March 20, 2017

Seema's Studies – 25

Continues from the previous post –

Do you know what Arun did? He simply asked the devil, I mean, that senior student who was involved in ragging; a straight question. He asked him and on that, he admitted that if other senior students interfere and stop the ragger boys, they will not be able to do any ragging and he squarely put the blame on other indifferent senior students for this practice of ragging”!
Ragging whether in the college or in the hostel all are possible because other senior students particularly those, who are the most senior of all, such as students of post graduate level or even at graduate level do not object to such acts. All raggers are sensitive, guilty conscious, and can be easily stopped by these students rather than any other agency. Since seniority is the excuse used by we boys to pester junior boys only other more senior students can remedy this wicked practice of ragging”. The senior student and ragger explained further.

So, we have found the answer to this iniquitous problem pestering present college life. What is required is an auto control by the student community itself and that is just enough to terminate this dirty practice. No need for any separate law or police interference”. Mahesh declares with a winning smile, throwing his both hands up.

Then mischievously he adds as a murmur, “There is no need for counseling of these boys, what they need is an appropriate deterrent; which comes from the fellow senior students and nobody else, this clearly proves me correct. OK”!

Vibhawari looks annoyed and shouts at all the boys, “You men are same all the time, will never improve”!!

On that all the boys roar with a big guffaw.
Scene of a road out side the chawl of Arun and Seema. Arun is shown coming from outside and there Seema and Tanya are waiting to meet him. The girls are shown in a very joyous mood Seema swaying merrily and carries a small notebook in her right hand. It appears that she is hiding it behind her and by that time, we see Arun has reached the entrance of the chawl. Both girls thrust themselves with Seema ahead and Tanya behind her; the girls greet him with sweet smiles and shyly Seema produces the notebook, which is actually the progress book of Seema, to Arun. He is not aware of this and looks shocked at the way Seema advances on him, he stops abruptly, looking to her good mood and his sister behind giggling, Arun looks blasé, slowly advances his hand to take the book, opens it while looking to Seema inquisitively, sees it and a pleasant smile flashes on his face. He sees Seema had first rank in the exam. Arun looks up and he is shown repeatedly smiling to himself. His experiment on Seema was successful.

In next meeting of the group, Arun proudly tells that their experiment of improving confidence of Seema in her capacity to do her studies independently. They also take note of the final solution to the problem of ragging in colleges. After that was satisfactorily proven, Vibhawari came up with new problem that is pestering society. She stood and asked her group about ragging that is seen in houses amongst senior siblings troubling junior siblings, husbands troubling wives, daughter-in-laws and mother in laws fighting to control their husband or son.

This story ends –

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