Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seema's Studies – 24

Continues from the previous post –

Scene of college and Arun is shown searching and inquiring for the senior students who got bashing at the hands of those two muscle men.

Finally, it is shown that he sees one of them and advances toward him. On meeting, he greets with smile and opens talking but finds that the student is in no mood to talk. Seeing that Arun puts the query straight to him, “Hay, I saw you boys being stopped by those big men, what you want to say on that, are you going to refrain from doing that stupid act of ragging”? The question was too blunt and it annoys that boy; he shoves away from Arun but he is surrounded by more senior students, who were supporting Arun’s stand.

He looks around and admits, “We do indulge in this game of ragging smaller boys only because other senior students do not object. If they do, it will not be possible to do ragging at all. The do not care attitude of other senior students encourages us and we do what we do. However, as the resistance was very horrible we have decided to keep out of this game of ragging. In fact the fun of ragging is gone, then why do it, let the junior boys have it easily”.
Scene of Vibhas house from out side, Arun is walking towards the house with Arvind and then shown is the entrance door of the apartment of Vibha. They ring the bell. In a short moment door opens and Maasii greets them. They enter and at that moment Vibha is shown coming from other door in the living room, with a towel in her hands and wiping clean her face. They all meet and exchange smiles. “What is so urgent”? Vibha asks.
Camera moves to the road and Mahesh is shown hurriedly approaching that house with a smile on his face.
Scene of scene - 13, Mahesh comes near the door and rings the bell. Door opens and Arun and Arvind look with a mischievous smile on their faces to Mahesh winking at Mahesh, Mahesh enters the door closes it behind him. Camera also enters after him and moves to show the room. Vibhawari is seen back to camera doing something on the table. All the three walk prancing came close to her and shouted at her ears just some prank! Vibha look bewildered, hits a short bash to Arun who was closer to her. “You naughty boys will never improve”! Vibha scolds.

Hay, Vibha we made some detailed investigation into the matter, we had discussed the other day”! Arvind utters

What matter, what you people are taking about”? Vibha pretending to be not aware of the discussion on ragging they had the other day.

Ohh…you pretend to be oblivious of that discussion; ah…don’t try to be too naive”!
Arun Chides to Vibha. On that, Vibha grins and quickly shifts away as the girls do in such situations.

So what of that”? Vibha

This story continues –

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