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Seema's Studies – 23

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A scene of a well-kept kitchen, they find Vibha busy preparing some refreshments and some tea for the guests while humming some song. They see that, look to each other, and collect that things are not that bad. She is not appearing to be any disturbed at all. That relieves both of them and that is seen on their faces. They go near to her and make faces to show that they are interested in her kitchen work. Vibha is nonchalant and keeps doing her work undisturbed. They look around and the camera moves to show us the neatly kept kitchen. Casually, Arind asks softly, “Where is Maasii”? Vibhawari pretends that she did not hear any and keeps on doing her work; she knows why the two have come in, does not want to show that she cares.
In the meantime impatient Mahesh rushes in with an excuse that Maasii has come; really, Maasii follows him in the kitchen. They were talking about present condition of mindsets of students coming from various strata of society. Mahesh says that because students come from different backgrounds their way of looking to students from other strata may be the reason behind such rude behavior. He had observed that boys from the same strata normally do not behave rudely to each other. Ragged boys and ragger boys often do not belong to the same community and therefore it is a problem due to cosmopolitan nature of today's society.

Arvind appreciates that point and adds that this means, ragging has something to do with regionalism or communalism? "May be", Mahesh points out.

More conversation they had about the studies or about the social work, Maasii is doing. There they come to know that Maasii is engaged in the rehabilitation work of mentally disturbed individuals. On knowing that Mahesh reopens the topic and on that, Vibha makes faces.

Both Arun and Arvind helplessly watch the scene. Vibha looking to Arun and Arvind to point out how Mahesh is trying to super impose his most unscientific approach on the conundrum of ragger students.
After patiently listening to Mahesh Maasii says, “It is possible that you are correct in most cases but Vibha’s approach cannot be rule out altogether”!

On that, Vibha bursts out and loudly says to Maasii, “Do you mean to say punishment is better solution”? "This amounts to be reactionary; this is not the way to resolve such issues". Vibha adds.

My suggestion is prevention”! Maasii
How”? They all put up mutely by just gestures, jerking their shoulders.

Social education will help it”. Maasii on that Arvind suggests that in many cases this reactionary method works well.

On that, Vibha and her Maasiji show reluctances.

On this Arun comes with an idea and he bursts it out, “Hay, I have an idea, tomorrow I will go to college and meet those senior students and ask them about their mind. Since they got the hammering at the hands of those tuff men, I want to know if they got the right message or need some delicate counseling to change them”!

Arun, do not try to annoy me by saying that way”. Vibha chides. “You all men are same, will never listen to better options”!

"But what is wrong in asking them their reaction to what they received at the hands of those tuff guys"?

He further added by way of reply to Vibha's comments that "all men are same", "all you women are cowards"!

To that, both Vibha and her aunt, Maasiji show fury. Moving her first finger Maasiji warns him that he should not cross limit!

All the boys are seen enjoying the scuffle between Vibha and Mahesh

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