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Seema's Studies – 22

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That is absolutely correct, you got it very right, it is the inferiority complex in the minds of these boys that makes them feel self-doubting, unless they successfully prove that they can subdue some body and for that they find these younger students an easy target”.

Mahesh starts clapping to appreciate the way Arun got to the base of the problem it is inferiority complex! They all join in that and some time goes in some other chats (which Director can add).

That means if we find a case of ragging, the proper method of investigation is to go to the family back ground of the ragger boy ah…” Arvind ejaculates

You are correct but never any body goes that far and the matter is settled by rusticating the student”. Vibhawari

By rusticating that student we do not actually solve the problem but keep the patient ticking like a time bomb! That boy is now in the second phase of vengeance and it may be that he becomes a regular criminal to satisfy his desire for supremacy”! Vibha

Do you mean to say a proper guidance or counseling”? Arun
What is the appropriate method of counseling”? Mahesh asks Vibha with a giggle.
Well, I suggest, before any counseling is advocated the psychologist will have to study the family atmosphere of the patient; that will explain why he has developed this defect and only after that it becomes clear and the proper counseling will be possible”. Vibha answers and on that Mahesh rolls with laughter.
This behavior of Mahesh, Vibha seriously does not like and she looks baffled and nervous.
The other boys are now pointingly looking to Mahesh for his advise.
What Vibha says is theoretically correct but in practice that is not possible”. Mahesh
Then what to do to get proper counseling”. Arvind

In practice no body bothers to do any counseling to these boys as they are not in mind to take one. They need a counter treatment and that is to punish them, the language they understand and that is the language of punishment however, in some cases electric shock treatment was used and I was told that it worked well as this treatment works more like a punishment rather than a treatment”! Mahesh says with a grin.

Vibha moves her both hands and palms showing her total disagreement. Helplessly she wants to change the topic as Mahesh looks more in his typical manly mood of aggressiveness. She exasperates and looking boldly to Mahesh demands, “Do you mean to say they be damned to prison, do you know they are just mentally ill people and need some relief”! On that all the boys get playful and they show a earnest desire to pester Vibha just a little more and for that they begin to giggle all over. This irritates her as expected and she leaves the room all upset.

Mahesh now wants to justify his stand and for that he says, “There are many serial killers, they keep killing innocent people, they are all found to be mentally ill! If any one suggests that they be given counseling; will you people with simple common sense agree”?

He further adds, “I fully appreciate her theoretical renderings but in practice we have found that a lot many methods suggested in the theoretical psychology are not practicable and one explanation given for that is; these are mental cases gone beyond any treatment possibility. Only a shock treatment can work”!

Arun and Arvind get up and leaving Mahesh in the room go inside to find out what Vibha is doing, they are very upset, as she is very disturbed at Mahesh’s straight on attack on her counseling approach. After all they know, ladies first, and so they have to accept her line of thinking. They walk in slowly, Mahesh also gets up to go after them but Avind caution him mutely and warns him to be seated and not to follow them, lest it may disturb her more!

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