Thursday, February 9, 2017

Seema's Studies – 21

Continues from the last post –

In Vibhawari's home all friends collect to discuss, many issue under their scanning.

Arun, Vibhawari, Mahesh are sitting and Arvind is standing at a window looking outside the window.
I have collected maximum possible information about the psychological conditions of the students who are prone to indulge in ragging; actually that was one of the topics we had taken for research in the last seminar”.

Vibhawari opens her bag, takes out some files and holds them to Arun, saying, “Take them and you will come to know the exact reasons why some students are inclined to such horrible acts, why they enjoy troubling some weaker element in the society, in this case junior students, all explained in this”.

Aye, Vibhawari we are not students of psychology to go through all these drudgery!” Arvind grudged.

Yah, that is right, Arvind says the same thing I think; better you explain the way you did last time, you are a very good narrator”! Mahesh extolled

On that, Vibhawari pointing to Mahesh with a mischievous smirk shouts, “And you join these boys; at least you are a psychology student”!

Mahesh waves his hand signifying, “forget it!”

Vibhawari smiled on that tone of the boys and with a chuckle, smilingly, opens the file and for a moment keeps browsing into it. After some quiet moments, she looks out of the file and begins to explain.

Vibhawari gets up from her sofa, slowly ambles to the table and plonks on the table, now she is properly sitting in the top of the table giving her a good view of the audience. Other boys gather and the class begins! Arvind also moves towards the other boys, occupies one of the sofas, makes himself comfortable. They all appear to be in a an easy mood.

There is silence for a few moments and then Vibhawari begins to talk. She says, “There are two opinions about the mind set of boys who indulge in ragging according to the investigation in the cases and out of them one says that the wrong family atmosphere is responsible for the desire in the minds of these boys to try to dominate on younger students. It has been observed that these boys are in it ever since their school days but it is not recorded since we do not consider those cases as ragging. But in fact ragging mentality is observed even during school time also amongst those boys”. Arvind interrupts and prods, “That means these boys are actually mentally ill”! Arvind look around for appreciation of his observance from his friends in the room.

Obviously because not all senior students are inclined to indulge in this ragging since they are not mentally ill”! Mahesh.

Yes, you are correct, these are mentally unstable boys and they are all out to prove their superiority as and when possible”. Vibhawari

Is it because they have developed some sort of inferiority complex”? Arun
They indulge in ragging to overcome that inferiority complex. Mahesh point out.

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