Monday, January 23, 2017

Seema's Studies – 20

Continues from the last post –

So, uncle, will you allow Seema to accomplish her dream”? Vibha puts up hopefully.

I have nothing to say or object if things are going to be well, after all, I am my child’s father and her good is our good, what else we parents want”? He ejaculates shifting his position in the chair.

Everybody in that cramped room look relieved as Seema’s very important problem was almost over.

But, Arun not quite satisfied, repeats to father, “Kaka, are you really convinced or you want to know more about the great prospects of this profession of Architecture”?

Well, for that, I will talk with Yashwant and find out more about it and then only I will change my mind but for the time being, let us take it that I shall, at least, not do anything that would harm my dear daughter. She is everything to me”! Father was talking very passionately.

Seema looks very pleased, signs to Tanya, and hints that they had better move out from this meet. No body objects and both Seema and Tanya quickly move out of the room. Seema's parents noticed a definite change in behavior of their daughter.

Days were passing as usual and on one day as that was beginning of the new semester in that college, new students were coming to attend their class.
Days were passing as usual, on one day boys were crowded, and it looked as if some agitation is going on. Two big men had held one senior student and one big man smacks him. The student falls and falteringly tries to get up. There is some blood dripping out of his lips. One junior student is standing in the middle with an air of conquering.

Arun and his friends are slowly approaching the scene. Arun looks to his friend and gestures to find out what for the row is. As they slowly approach the crowd he sees that some senior level students were held by the two well built strong men and one of them was asking a senior student to perform what they would ask the junior students to do while ragging them. The senior student was almost about to cry and then the group of Arun reaches the crowd and stands on the outer circle of the mob. The junior student who was standing in the middle on seeing Arun tramped out and holding Arun’s hand enthusiastically tells him, “Arunbhai see I have found way to get rid of these loathsome senior students who trouble us whenever we come to the college. Dinesh looks to Arun for his approval hopefully and at that time, one of the big men turns his eyes to Dinesh and Arun with a question mark on his face. Puckered brow that man show total disdain for the boys he had held; Dinesh shouts and tells the strong man Babubhai, this is our friend and also a senior student, Arun. On that, the other strong man simply drops the senior students he had held in his iron grip and they fall on the ground, he approaches Arun and offers his hand for a shake. Arun accepts his hand and realizes the strength of that man. He was very strong and a match for many senior students in one lot! They shake hand and now Arun tries to get his hand out of his grip and the man slowly releases it. With a grin on his unshaven bearded face, the man announces in a hoarse voice, “If any small boy is troubled hereafter we will be coming, so be careful”! His announcement was muffled with a hissing sound of junior students' laughter.

Arun was thinking and they leave the scene and the dispersal of other students.

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