Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seema's Studies – 19

Continues from the last post –

Seema looks nervous and does not say anything but the question is repeated by Mahesh in a friendly manner. Father is looking alternatively to these people, not knowing what is next. He appears to be confirming about making his only daughter, a doctor!

After some coaxing; she nods negatively and tries to move out of the room but Tanya was holding on her, not allowing her to move. “Please do not get panicky, they are just asking, you need not bother, my brother is there with you”; Tanya whispers sweetly to give Seema some moral support.

See uncle, Seema doe not want to be a doctor”! Vibha returns nervously, a little afraid of his reaction.

Seema’s father with no reaction on his face grimly exclaims, “Then what she wants to be”?

Hay, Seema, now tell what you want to be”? Everybody in the room enquires to Seema mutely by just wide eyes.

Seema softly suggests, “Architect”!
What is that”? Inquires her father, he appears to be perplexed.
That is an art, and an Architect designs building and cities”. Mahesh answers the query quietly.

Oh… is that any worth? I want my daughter to fulfill my wishes and if she does not then on whom I can rely for that”? Father mumbles impatiently.

On that, Vibha asks to Sema's father, “Uncle, have you ever bothered to know what she wants to be”? Vibha asks sternly but her sharp voice disturbs Arun so much that he signs her to be more polite. Seeing that, Vibha controls her tone, biting her tongue and wide eyes! Seema's father looked unconcerned about Vibha's style of speech.

What you young people talk is not my piece of cake. During my days to be, a doctor was the only respectable thing and so I wanted to be one but my condition and talent did not allow me to achieve it. Therefore, I desire that my only daughter will fulfill this humble desire and make us all very proud. Please try to understand my and my wife’s intentions. I know, you young people come with every new idea but we older people you must try to understand”. Father blurts out impatiently.

Uncle we appreciate your desire and also respect it but as you said that you lacked the talent to be a doctor; if Seema has some point in favor of her desire, why not listen to it”? Mahesh pleads in a friendly manner.

Seema’s father looks to his daughter and mutely by signing his eyes asks her, her point.
I am afraid of blood and they cut dead bodies and do many such things and I will not be able to stand all those things; while in Architects, there are no such things and I am very good in drawing. I know architects do get good jobs these days, my friend Urmi’s father is an Architect, he builds very big houses and makes a lot of money, Urmi is also going to be one and so we decided that I do that”! Seema completes her argument in one force.

She is not good with blood sight and so she may not do well. Moreover, she has just begun to do good in her studies and her mindset is very sensitive so uncle, it will be good if you could think about it”. Mahesh says politely.

Looking to Seema her father asks, “That Urmi? Yashwant’s daughter? Is it so? I did not know Yashwant is an Architect! He is quite well off”!

On those pleas, Seema nods briskly and looks straight in his eyes with a smile of approval.

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