Friday, December 30, 2016

Seema's Studies - 18

Continues from the last post –

Some time goes and there they see Seema accompanied by Tanya, entering the room in a very joyous mood, laughing and full of drollery. As they see the visitors of which they knew nothing, they control themselves with snigger. They try to be very serious but cannot and keep on winking and signing about some topic they were enjoying. All their gesticulations are to be shown properly, giving an indication that they have become very good friends.
Now as Seema comes in the room goes near Arun and gives him a sweet snigger. Arun nonchalant shows no apparent reaction but his face betrays his inner feelings and the audience may get the idea that Arun has developed special feelings for Seema that befits his age. Atmosphere shown is of friendliness and airy.

Arun introduces Seema to Vibha and Mahesh while Tanya was standing on the door, watching the ritual of introduction; amused.

Vibha casually and softly enquires about her parents and on that Seema says, “They are expected any moment”.

Looking to Tanya Vibha enquires to Arun, “Who is this beautiful girl”? On hearing that, Tanya true to her flamboyant style guffaws and that visibly unnerves Vibha and on that, Mahesh begins to smiling. Arun tells them that she is his younger sister and there they greet each other sweetly. Tanya moves forward and offers a shake hand; Vibha accepts it with a glee.

They join and in the meantime, they hear Seema’s mother calling her. Seema swiftly moves out and after some time them all, Seema, her father and mother, come on the door. Arun gets up and on that both Vibha and Mahesh also get up and they welcome the parents. There was hardly any place, where Arun can offer them the seat but being neighbors the couple reacts with a smile and Seema’s father, with seriousness written on his face, inquires as to why they are to meet these two young students, Vibha and Mahesh.

Uncle, this is just a routine procedure and nothing very serious but we have some questions to ask and you will reply them and that is all”! Vibha tells softly winning the mind of the father with due respect to his age and added seniority they set to ask the questions. Arun offers the only chair in the room and Seema’s mother whispers to Arun something and leaves the room immediately.

With a puckered brows on his forehead Seema’s father reluctantly accepts the seat and looks to his wife, leaving the room, as if that was as per their plan. After that Vibha commences her talk.

Uncle, what are your plans about Seema’s further education”? Vibha

For some moments, he does not reply as if he was wondering about the query. Then he gathers his nerves and tells with a smile on his face, looking lovingly to his daughter, “I want her to be a doctor”.

On hearing that, Seema makes faces and looks around as if she is searching for some help!

Tanya is a silent spectator but not without reactions, true to her nature she winks to her friend, Seema.

Do you want to become a doctor”? Vibha asks Seema casually without moving her eyes from her father.

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