Monday, December 19, 2016

Seema's Studies - 17

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All junior students around hissed with happiness and fouling senior students had slowly moved out; Arun was scowling towards them saying, “Hereafter nobody will do ragging junior students and if found they are doing; they will be taken for ragging by more senior students, do you get me”?
The matter ended but inquisitive mind of Arun was not resting quietly. He wanted that again the group meet and discuss this problem of ragging with Vibha and Mahesh. He phones to Vibha on the mobile, tells her that incidence and suggests that they meet.

Hey, Vibha, here I am Arun, want to tell you about ragging in our college. Today I stopped one incidence but how and why this malpractice began at all in the institute of education where culture should prevail! Ragging is a very shameful custom introduced in our colleges and I want to know everything about it! Can you elaborate on this”? Arun

Very nice that you phoned; actually we both, myself and Mahesh, want to meet you at your house to see your ward, Seema and her parents, there we can talk on this subject. Do you know Arun, I have taken this very subject for my further research and I have collected enough data so that I can speak on the issue to your satisfaction, will that be OK”? Vibhawari replies to Arun's query.
Arun’s room, Arun opens the door and receives Vibhawari and Mahesh with smile. Both are very happy to meet. Vibhawari looks around the room and searches, where to sit on noticing that Arun requests both to be comfortable on the lone cot in that front room of Arun’s tenement.

He tells them, “This cot is our chair, sofa, bed and also meeting table”!

On that with a laugh they adjoin him saying, “Never mind in chawl tenements it is the usual seen”!

Vibha tells Arun that they have come as planned, to see Seema and her parents as the part of their investigation.

Yes, yes I know and they will be joining shortly, be comfortable, Seema is expected for her studies and her father will join soon”. Arun

They are sitting in the room and talking, (Director may add some extra chatting as per the time frame requirements) in brief Arun repeats them, about the event at the college and reminds Vibha regarding his enquiry on psychological explanation of the frequent occurrences of ragging at colleges.

She promises that they will be taking the topic as they finish with Seema’s case and on that Arun looks satisfied and they continue on some other subjects.

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