Monday, December 12, 2016

Seema Studies - 16

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Scene of an engineering college, students are moving and there we see Arun coming with his friends. He sees a crowd of students gathered in a circle and some body was scolding some body. Arun with his friends approach the crowd and see that some senior students are making junior students do some very indecent gestures - ragging.

Arun looks to his friends and points that they interfere as they are the most senior and all these things must be stopped. He tells them that this unwholesome custom must be abolished and that is possible if more mature senior students take up the matter. On that one friend of his carelessly laughs and says, “Forget it, this is usual affair and we need not take it too seriously”. Others were equally complacent about that but Arun’s doggedness forces them to push in the crowd and Arun darts into the centre of the place and demands that the ragging be stopped. On that one of the senior student who was masterminding the show comes forward and demands to know why Arun is bothered when the juniors are not objecting?

Hey, you better move away”!

We are senior students and it is our right to punish them”.

Well, in that case I want to do the same thing to you! I am more senior and in that capacity I want you to do all this foolish things you are asking these small boys to do! Come on start dancing right now”! Arun shouts in the scolding voice on those senior students with a frown. Arun's friends join him and one of them actually drags one of those offending senior students in the centre of the crowd.
Every body around is aghast.

Those senior students frown upon these much more senior students and having no argument to resist; one by one they tramp out of the place. But the leader of that group is firmly caught hold of by these senior boys and now Arun is bent on making that boy do all those awkward gesture. The junior boy in the mean time pushes out of the circle and now this senior boy has to do the act. The situation is so bad for that boy that he begins to plead. The crowd around is roaring with laughter and frolicking; students around are shown enjoying this most unexpected twist of moments.

Why now you do not do it”? Arun roars

If you are senior you are supposed to be helpful to these juniors and not cause trouble. What is wrong with you these days, is it a fashion to rag new boys? Is it our culture? And who are you to do all these things”?

A volley of questions Arun was barking on him and that boy finally admitted that he was wrong and he admits that senior students are like elder brothers and sisters and this ragging is only because some students are actually mentally sick.

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