Monday, November 28, 2016

Seema Studies - 15

Scene of Seema’s school, students are moving as usual and the bell rings. Seema is shown coming with a big bag on her back moving pretty fast. She hurriedly enters the school entrance.
Scene of the classroom of Seema, Seema is seen sitting amongst other students with usual easy atmosphere showing students chatting while some doing reading and others doing the home work.
Teacher enters the classroom. Writes something on the black board and then looks to students asking them about the homework. Students rise and answer the questions asked and the study goes on; now Seema’s turn comes and we hear a slow hissing as students knew that Seema will just stand and say nothing; will get usual scolding. They are watching the scene nervously. Some girl friends of Seema look very unhappy. It is a very tense scene.

Finally, Seema’s turn comes and teacher looks to her and knowing that Seema would not reply; throws her eyebrows. Seema stands and to everybody’s shock gives answers in not trembling voice, very clear and to the point! This her performance teacher sees with a pleasant surprise on her face. Everybody in the classroom is aghast. Boys and girls looked to each other with smiles of appreciation and after a small pause they, spontaneously begin to clap. There we hear clapping for some time. Seema is standing with her head down; a few drops of tears roll down and fall on the notebook that was kept on the desk.

Teacher slowly moves to her and holds her chin in appreciation says, “Dear, I was always worried about you, I knew you know answers but somehow you were not talking them out. How you got courage to reply”?

Seema does not reply but gives a shy smile; wiping her eyes clean. Some boys seeing her tears begin to laugh and cut some jokes on her. However, that was not in bad test but out of sympathy for her and nobody objects to that. Most students were friend of Seema as she was a very good person. This change in her attitude had given a pleasant shock to all girl friends of Seema and they were murmuring amongst each other to suggests, how that change took place in her. Every body had his and her theory and they were discussing about it and to that, teacher added her surmise. That day passed very well for Seema she had developed added confidence and she had realized that Arun, her new coach, was going to help her in her studies.

Here in Arun's room, both Arun and Tanya, his sister, are seen watching the TV. The door slowly opens and Seema enters looks especially bright, they see her coming and notice the special brightness in her face, “What is special, Seema”. Tanya asks with a mischievous smile.

She brings the progress book and shows it to them both silently. Arun opens it and sees the marks Seema had got in the term exam and there will be a joyous atmosphere showing the trio jubilant on the high marks Seema got in the exam. Seema hugs Tanya and looks with very special facial expression to Arun. Arun looks very pleased. Arun turns to his chair and shows as if not very concerned but in his heart he was feeling very proud that the theory his team had worked out was working. Here the two girls joyously begin to dance around Arun to show their appreciation of his work with Seema.

Arun was anxious to talk about this development to his team.

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