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Seema Studies -14

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Scene of Arun’s room, his sister Tanya is sitting on the cot and having spread many books on the bed is shown to be busy studying. Arun is seen watching a TV program and Tanya tells him to reduce volume so that she can study properly. On that good brother quickly put off the TV and sits looking to the ceiling. In the meantime, the door slowly opens and Seema enters.

Oh, hello Seema Tanya almost shouts and looking to her brother eyeing to Seema says in prankish tone, “Here comes your student”! Throwing her eyebrows and twisting cheeks, she again concentrates in her studies.

Seema slowly approaches Arun, keeps her books on a stool and stands in front of Arun. Arun tells her to sit next to Tanya and suggests that Seema can tell him what she knows rather than him telling!

This perplexes Seema but Tanya comes to her help and tells her, “That means Seema, my brother will learn from you in stead of you learning from him”!

This arrangement confuses her and she blows her eyes and looks baffled. Looks to Arun, Arun smilingly tells her that he had discussed her problem with his friends and they suggested this method to build self-confidence in you.

He further said, “Seema please do not bother how you explain the subject, even if you make mistakes, never mind, because since you are a student you are expected to make mistakes, to err is human but to err is the right of all students! Actually, that is why they are called students! And so just start teaching me”! On hearing this and understanding that this is just an experiment of Arun she shyly accepts and lifts the book, Tanya beams and now she joins the experiment. She quickly turns to her brother’s side and declares that Seema is now having two earnest pupils!

We know Seema, you know the subject and so go ahead, make any mistake but I am sure you will not make any mistake and for that the simple method is just blurt out the very first thoughts those come to you.

The atmosphere is full of friendliness, that helps Seema in summoning up her courage, and she softly continues. Tanya was her friend and she knew Arun as a good neighbor all these things help her in building up confidence.

The first lesson was done and that was done without any mistakes. Seema realizes that her doubts about her ability to learn were very ill founded. That gave her tremendous relief and she became closer to Arun. Her way of demeanor with Arun changed. Seema admits to her friend Tanya that she liked this new method of learning by teaching.

After that session, successfully completed Arun explains to Seema that learning is an art and when she picks up that art any subject, she can learn even without any guidance because the real teacher is always present within all of us. Seema looks very pleased on that note and she thanks her friend Tanya for the moral support she gave to her and admits that henceforth she can do her studies without fear. This Arun appreciates.

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