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Seema Studies – 13

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I shall tell him, Arun when any body if shouted at or scolded or insulted the very first reaction is that of anger, hatred and desire to revenge. In children, also the same thing happens. They do get angry and show it by many other ways, they stop co-operation, shows no interest in the studies, show displeasure, anger of course and if the child is emotionally motivated crying, stopping to talk, non co-operation and in extreme cases if this happens on regular basis, suicide”. Never insult a child by thinking that he/she is a small fellow. This insult develops the feeling of distrust in the mind of that child. He may not show it since he is fully aware that he is a small person and not capable of doing anything about it but that is very bad for his futures development. In some cases, the child develops sadistic attitude and that is the end of his/her progress in the life. Ordinary small insult could create so many reactions. Every teacher and if possible every parent must know of this. Vibha said vehemently.

You forgot to mention loss of health, sickness which cannot be diagnosed”. Mahesh adds with a chuckle.

That means when you will teach your ward, Miss Seema, you should build confidence in her by giving her importance and not put her at the receiving end as most of the teachers and parents always do”! Vibha

Arunsab, you did not ask about what are wrong ways of giving importance to children”? Mahesh ejaculates; pointing to Arun that he missed one question.

Arun looks to Mahesh with a friendly smile responding to his call, Arunsab, and asks for the reply by signing by eye movement.

Wrong ways include pampering, giving unsuitable authority to them, allowing them to be unduly friendly, cutting wrong jokes and most important allowing them to commit mistakes and not warning against them”. Mahesh

In other words, I may suggest, instead of you teaching her, let her teach you. The process of learning and teaching are corollaries. When you teach you learn the subject better. That is the point”. Arvind comments positively. In the middle of this Vibha ejaculates as if she remembered something. "Hey, Arun we should also find out in what mental state your student, Seem is. I would recommend that you better get her here amongst us so that we can read her mental state and that may help us in preparing the best recourse."

Will it be possible”? Arun

Try it! I tell you an example in real life, one my neighbor’s wife did not know English language but her daughters were sent to English language school; they were learning in English and their homework was to be taken, this housewife did not know the language but she had to take the homework of the girls. In the process, she learned the language and now the woman speaks very good English. This is a sample to tell you so that you will understand that when Seema will come to you better ask her to teach you rather than you teaching her”. Arvind
You talk as if you know psychology”! Arun
I am a practical psychologist”! His comments were received with a big guffaw.

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