Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Seema Studies - 12

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You know Mahesh the most interesting part of the end of this event is, the two sons of the teacher joined the school regularly and did well in the exams. The rate of absentee was reduced to nil and all students did good performance. Rangnath admitted that now he is enjoying full confidence of his all students and the enthusiasm and initiative of them gave additional strength to him so he could improve the working of the school. The experiment was successful”. Vibha tells excitedly.

How this rendering will help me in improving the boldness of my wards, Miss Seema”? Arun asks coolly. Twisting his cheeks and lips, he shows that he is not satisfied. That was his reaction on his face.

I think the episode narrated was good otherwise but not relevant to the question I have”. Arun remarks grudgingly.

You must have patience and a knack to interpreter the material presented in this”. Explains Mahesh.

What interpretation”? Arun
There are many factors touched in this, one of them is student are student and not animals or prisoners to frighten or keep in constant condition of terror. They be given importance and put with the sense of responsibility by which that sense of importance is created. Habit of doubting, accusing and always taking to punishment actually ruins the student. Particularly those with highly emotional mindset are those who often take to extreme decisions of suicide if insulted, accused and often mistreated”. Vibhawari unflappably comments.

On listening to this everybody in that room keep silence and begin to look to it in that perspective.

Responsibility and importance, what type, I simply do not understand”. Arun

Very simple, as per the age and capacity every child has capacity to do work and take responsibility and if carefully they are entrusted with only that much and no more and on doing the work rightly or wrongly they should be appreciated”. Mahesh

Even wrong work to appreciate, is it not preposterous”?

You do not understand this, let me explain, these young children are not supposed to do any work and so whatever they do if appreciated and if mistakes, then explaining them about them without shouting and scolding, that is what is appreciation, you get it”?

Achhaa, achhaa you mean on mistakes they should be explained without shouting and scolding, that is appreciation of their mistake, is it”? Arun says with a smirk.

There you are, now you understand the ways and means of dealing with small children which includes boys and girls up to adolescence”. Mahesh

What happens if scolded and shouted and insulted”? Arun asks like an innocent boy with smile and curiosity on his face. Looking to his mischievous smile Mahesh reacts,

Well, explain those things to this Arun, he does not understand it”. Mahesh speaks as if tired of replying to Aruns incessant questions.

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