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Seema studies – 11

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Scene of the school same as the scene 3 -1 but with some little variations, students are seen playing in the front courtyard of the school and they see Gopi and Nandi with Rangnath approaching the school. Boys and girls watch that their teacher is without the cane as he walks without brandishing it as usual. Children look surprised and that Nandi could observes and notes it. A few of the students were having a smile on their faces. Teacher also notices that difference and point to Nandi and Gopi about that change in the reactions of thjose students. They come simply and see students returning to their class quietly. Nandi and Gopi keep in the teacher’s room and teacher goes to the class alone as planned. He begins to teach without calling for the usual homework enquiry. This change over is immediately noticed by all the students and one bold student asks the teacher, “Sir, can I ask some thing”? Rangnath nods and the boy poses, “Sir have you forgotten the cane”?

With a broad smile as planned Rangnath rejoins, “I have decided that I shall teach you boys and girls without the cane. I was convinced by our guests that you are all very good children and a cane is really not required, I believed in their opinion and so hereafter no cane but provided you children behave and do not make me change my decision”!

On hearing this, faces of every one in the class brighten up and there was a hissing sound of soft laughter to that Rangnath joins smilingly. On that note, a new relationship was established between them. Gopi and Nandi were watching all these developments from the teacher's room, which was not very far from the classroom. After some time as they noticed the class was in full swing they slowly approached the classroom in the manner that saw that all students were deeply engrossed in learning and the teacher looked quiet relaxed. Unlike on other days the classroom was in pin-drop-silence. When Rangnath saw them coming he was about to urge the students to get up but Nandi and Gopi signed him that nothing of that, he will do and they wanted to see students in their natural form. Both the researchers were collecting sizable information for their study. After carefully noticing the mood of most students, they returned to teacher's room and began to prepare their notes on the observations they had collected. After some time had passed, they came to know that teacher Rangnath had called on other subject of other students of higher standard. As there was, only one classroom for all students of all standards teacher had no option but to use this practice. Nandi noted this in his paper and suggested in that that method be improved.

Vibha had finished her first reading and, began to look around to see the response of the other partners on that paper.
Vibha swinging her legs softly is shown concluding her presentation report. She then tells that the experiment of showing confidence in the student proved that children should be taken into confidence while teaching them; and treating them as if they are animals, pets or prisoners is incorrect. The teacher should be like a guide and guru, an elderly friend and not a jailer as very often teachers behave.

Mahesh hurled a question on Vibha, “How it influenced the overall performance of the school”. Mahesh
Vibha remarked on that question of Mahesh and uttered, "This is a good question".

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