Thursday, October 13, 2016

Seema studies – 10

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Gopi further adds that his study about students at this level says that a teacher should endeavor to develop confidence in the heart of students about the subject they study. By use of cane you do exactly opposite of that.

Rangnath did not say; looked, as if he was contemplating on something. After some time he says, “I think you are correct however, this is required because they are very nasty at times”.

As the psychology suggests these children are not nasty but over enthusiastic and deeply interested in understanding the ways of the world in which they have come”! Gopi tells Rangnath.

We often forget our own childhood and begin to frown upon them. There questions are very natural and their eagerness is also very natural, there is nothing so objectionable so that one should carry a cane to frighten them as if they are some sort of an animal”. Gopi continues. Rangnath listens.

Can I suggest something”? Gopi puts up an idea and looks to Rangnath.
Yah…what is that”? Rangnath

Well, I suggest tomorrow you will go without the cane and be a little friendlier with them, I am going to accompany you along with Nandi, we shall see how the children react, and we should continue the experiment for some few days and I am sure sir, you will realize that the same boys will be better studying in the school. How do you thing”? Gopi

Rangnath looks nonchalant but after a pause nods to the idea with a mischievous smile and says, “Come on, it is worth a trial. May be I am wrong! I hope this method works well; and if it really works with these brats it is a big relief to me."

Friendly co-operation offered by the teacher adds strength to Gopi. While they were talking Nandi and teacher’s wife, Tara come in the room and Tara has some refreshments in a dish, they keep it there and Tara stands on one corner as Nandi sits on the mat. Nandi signs Tara to join but with a coy smile she declines and slowly moves in the inner room. Gopi tells Nandi summary of the conversation that took place in the two men and Nandi approves of the Idea that Rangnath goes to school without the cane.

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