Monday, September 19, 2016

Seema Studies - 8

Continued from the previous –

How often you beat your children by the cane and on what occasions”. Young man asks.
What question is this”? Are you putting me for some sort of test or what”? He complains.
Not a test but we have to ask these questions as a matter of procedure”. The young girl gives clarification without looking to him. Both are shown to be busy writing on their notepads briskly.
Please, Sir you have not answered the question, please do it. And please give true answers!” Young man exclaims.
Aha, well I never beat my children; they are so good that I do not have to take to cane with them”. The man looks awkward and both the interviewer clearly see that he is not talking truth. They connive at that and proceed with the questions.
How old are your children”?
I think they are about nine and ten”. Teacher
Sir this age is of school children and you say they are grown up. Do you think this is grown up age”?
Actually they do not want to study and so I do not insist, after all they are going to work in our farm and so…”
What is the age group of students in this school”? Young girl
I do not know exactly but it is around from six to fifteen”! Teacher explains indifferently.

The teacher then remembers that he has a class to attend and so he tells them that; on that both get up from the bench and suggest that they would like to see the class-room and his teaching skills. On that the teacher looks very nervous, gives a sick smile, apparently does not appear to be very agreeing but reluctantly accepts the suggestion and the trio move out of the room.

Camera shows them moving to the corridor and finally enters a dirty room where all students were sitting together on the floor. There was a black board hung on the wall with photo of M. Gandhi hung on the next wall, the photo was barely visible, not hung properly, tilted on one side as if nobody cares.
As the teacher enters the room strikes the cane on the wall to warn that entire class, he is not tolerating any mischief!

Students move a little and shift to make their sitting more comfortable. They look around to see the new visitors. Some give smile while others show no sign of any approval. The couple stands on the door with a cool beam to greet them all. Some are girls and they are more interested in watching the girl how she is dressed. Some big boys are not bothered about their presence. Most students wee with some books and a notebook also. From the faces of those students they could find that they are not afraid of their teacher. Some looked enthusiastic when teacher began his class. Both young interviewers note that as a positive point about that teacher. That also meant that this teacher was not very bad.
Teacher begins the class asking students about the homework given to them. Regular procedure and the class go on. From the way thing go; it looks that the teacher is not very bad or psychologically unfit and the couple notes that in their pad.
Class is over and the students are allowed to go home as the teacher wanted to spend more time with the visitors.

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