Friday, September 9, 2016

Seema Studies – 7

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Shown the Vibhawari sitting on the table where she had kept the refreshments and the other boys occupying other seats and sofas in the room. There is no sign of Rakesh, he is busy helping Vibha’s mother in preparing potato wafers. Arun asks Vibha, “Who were those two”?

They are friends of my colleague; they did their post graduation three years earlier”. Vibha
Where this happened”? Mahesh
I do not know exactly but if I am not mistaken it was in a village called Charai somewhere in the Madhya Pradesh”. Vibha

Have you finished asking unimportant questions”? Arvind exclaims nervously.
On this Mahesh complains and insists that all this information is essential for us to follow the story appropriately. Arvind waves his hand to show his disapproval all the same, he keeps silent as Vibhawari frowns at him.

Please Vibha continue the event, I am interested in the interview”! Arvind articulates.
They all look to each other and nod to agree and there the story continues.

My first question is sir, why you carry this cane”? The young girl puts up query to the teacher of that school.

Well, this is required to punish these brats, if you do not have it they will take the school on there head and I shall not be able to teach them anything”. Teacher explains further that it is practice in all schoolteachers from the earlier time that a teacher holds a cane to frighten students into discipline.
Can't we control these children by affection? One girl asks. On that, the teacher laughs loudly and repeats the words, affectionately! Showing disapproval

The two interviewers nod disapprovingly nevertheless continue the talk.
What you teach”? The young man puts his query
Well, almost every subject, since there is only me to manage this school and so I have to teach them everything”. He replies with a smile expecting approval from the two interviewers. .

How often you beat these small students with this cane”? Girl
Very often, it is necessary”. Answers lazily and showing his disapproval for that question.
Are you married”? Young man
Why? Of course, How this question”? The teacher looks weary.
Do you have children”? Young girl
Why? Of course, I have two children but they are now big for this school”. He gives some extra information and that makes the couple smile to themselves.

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