Monday, August 29, 2016

Seema Studies – 6

Continues from the previous post –

Rakesh moves with the load in the kitchen and disappears. After some time he comes out with a big potato in his hand waving and showing it to all, with a winning smile thrusts himself on Vibha and keeps showing that potato, dancing it in front of her eyes. All boys are enjoying the fun, without saying anything it becomes clear that the request for more potato wafers to fulfil! Atmosphere is full of happiness and geniality.

Here mother of Vibha understands the demand and promises to fulfil the demand forthwith and she disappears in the kitchen door; Rakesh follows her by saying to all aloud, “Here I am going to help Maasii”.

The team now set to take up the topic; Vibha wants to tell some information collected by a fellow student on the similar topic during his investigation. She sits on the table where she had kept the refreshments and other boys relax on other sits and sofas.
She opens the papers and begins to narrate the report prepared by the fellow student.

Scene of a village school, small children are moving in the precincts of the school and also some cattle are grazing in the nearby open ground. A fat burly short man is seen approaching the school premises. As children see him they look panicked and run into the class-rooms. Slowly he comes closer to the school and camera focuses on him showing his details. Not a very pleasant person with front teeth propping out of his closed lips, beard not shaven for some days, carrying a cane in his right hand and a cloth bag filled with most probably his Tiffin box. He looks around the premises and now slowly enters the school climbing the few steps. Now he enters his office room, keeps the bag on one bench, and throws himself on the chair next to a rickety table. Removes his spectacles, cleans the glasses, again puts them on eyes and now collects some books kept on the table sees in them to find that they are the right books and gets up, shifts his clothes not very clean but almost dirty-white but from the appearance they were white when they were new. He moves slowly towards the door of the room. At that precise moment two young people, one man and one woman, who from their appearance look to be from some college, they were approaching his room. The burly man looks to them and throws a sigh loudly. Stops on the door, they come near him and tell him that they are from a college and are students of child psychology. They want to interview him. On hearing that the burly man looks relieved and returns to his table and there he realizes that, there are no chairs for the visitors to sit, on realizing that he shows signs of regret. The two young people are not bothered about the sitting, they tell him that they can sit on the bench next to the wall; before the man says anything; they make themselves comfortable and briskly open the bags they were carrying and take out notepad. The burly man looks nonchalant, gives a sick smile and relaxes in his chair.

Vibha continues reading the report. Her other mates were busy eating and attending on the report.

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