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Seema Studies – 5

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Aye, you clumsy boys, when are you going to behave like grown ups, I do not get”. Vibha comments on the way they all crumble around that table for the dishfull of wafers and mung dal. The problem with the girl was that they demanded more wafers and in order to get their wish fulfilled they keep praising her cooking skills all the more.

Vibhawari looks happy for the praise that they showered on her cooking skill. However, she tells them all, throwing her both hands up in the air, after the first fervor is over, that there are no potatoes to make more and that is all. The boys were only fooling and so on her this reply they laugh loudly. After that, she again asks Arun to tell her his problem and the whole matter they tell to her in bits of pieces by all the boys together in a chorus and she comes to know about the problem Seema is having in replying the questions.

Vibhawari and Mahesh are postgraduate students and in that capacity, they were particularly interested in the subject. Others were interested for general purpose since they were students until recently and thought they also had some similar problems during their tenure as students. Both Vibha and Mahesh want to try their new-found skills in psychology to help get to the answer the issue.

Do you feel this girl Seema is likely to suicide”? Vibhawari to Arun
On that query, Mahesh gives a big grin as if he was undermining her query.

Not immediately but we have to do something quickly and that is why I called Arvind and he told me that you two can help me understand the matter from psychological point of view and so we are here”. Arun spoke hurriedly.

It was nice that we are all again together; otherwise ever since we chose different subjects for specialization we were missing each other, this issue has brought us up together”. Mahesh utters.

While they are talking, the main door of the flat slowly opens and an elderly woman slowly appears on the door. All grey and very good-looking even at that age she should be around 60 she is mother of Vibhawari. They all greet her by shouting in chorus, “Hello Maasii” the lady graciously accepts the welcome by the young men and looking to Vibha slowly tells that the load of provisions are lying near the ground floor entrance and please get it. On hearing, that Rakesh comes forward and suggests that he shall do it. He quickly moves out of the place and vanishes in the door. Other boys and Vibha were busy with their discussion, mother now joining them, and in the meanwhile, Rakesh comes in both hands full with three bags of load. He politely asks, “Where to keep!” and on that Vibha’s mother signs with a gracious smile on her face full of appreciation for the kind co-operation Rakesh offered, “Please, take it inside the kitchen”. Then looking with appreciation to Vibhawari she comments, "Dear, you have really a nice team of friends". Vibha looks to other boys but they show no interest in that, that makes the girl show faces to them by mocking to them. There was a very friendly atmosphere in that room.

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