Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Seema Studies – 4

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Arun’s friends room not in the same chawl but somewhere else. A big room and in that four young men are seen sitting on chairs placed not exactly in any order. One of them is Arun.
All young men look very decent, responsible and as mature as Arun. There is no sign of any carelessness in their appearance. They appear to be quite serious about the topic they were discussing.
So you were talking about your neighbour Seema and her complain about teachers shouting and insulting students; do you feel; that is the main reason why amongst the suicide students we see more of girls”?
Exactly that is my opinion, the way Seema was talking I felt she is in mind to suicide if the pressure is mounting. The way her father was shouting, the way her mother was looking to her any emotionally motivated girl or boy will be forced to think of ending life”.
And here we read in the news papers ministers telling students that life is beautiful and all that”! Another student Arvind ejaculates vehemently. Other boys turn their heads to show revulsion to the way everybody is out to advise these students without going into the real material.
Everybody is giving sermons after sermons to these little children as if they know the true solution to this problem of students. In our people we see all begin to give advises after advises to all and the worst part is that all that they talk is bullshit. This is a topic that deserves attention of well trained psychologist”. Says yet another student, Mahesh
Mahesh you are correct, as you are doing post graduation in the subject why don’t you give your opinion on this matter and if possible please, can you tell me how I should help her”? Arun asks his friend.
While they are talking a young girl of the same age group as the other boys comes in from inner door with some snacks, puts them on the table in the corner and joins the group in the conversation.
Vibha, what you have prepared for the party this time”? Asks the third boy standing at the window, Rakesh
Nothing special this time, I did not have anything special to offer to you boys and so usual potato wafers and mung dal”. Vibhawari replies.
Never mind, Vibha anything will do because we have a very interesting topic on the agenda and that has been brought to us by Arun”. Arvind bursts out.
Vibhawari looks to Arun, with a sweet smile on her face, inquisitively. Throwing her eyebrows, she mutely inquires about the topic but Arun seems to be more interested in the wafers she had brought and almost neglects her.
Excellent and quite crispy, Vibha you are a very good cook already, who ever marries you will get best wafers to eat, am I right? Arun speaks with an explosion and on that, all friends enjoy the comments and keep laughing. To that, Mahesh after testing the wafers declares that the comments of Arun are perfect and on that all the boys simply jump to that corner table and take their share of the refreshment. The atmosphere in the room is very friendly and joyous.

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