Saturday, July 9, 2016

Seema's Studies

Part -1
New story begins today - 
This is a story of a small girl who was otherwise very smart and intelligent but when it comes to studies, she was surprisingly slow and would not write answer papers properly; as a result she was failing in most of the subjects. The problem was not adequately addressed by the parents and she continued to be declared as a useless student. Every body laughed at her and that complicated the matter further. Being a girl her family considered her studies not very important as her grandmother remarked on one occasion that after all a girl has to marry and go and cook, so teach her for that and let her sit home! However, her mother had different ideas about her dear daughter. She knew that Seema is an intelligent girl and something must be done to remove bias in her mind for school studies so that Seema shall prove herself in the studies. The question was; who can do it?

One day Seema is taken to a lady doctor to find out what is the problem with this otherwise intelligent girl? While the lady doctor was investigating by asking Seema what is the problem and as usual Seem not saying anything and standing like a mute person. There was no success and at that time a friend of Seema, Shreya enters the cabin where they were interviewing her hurriedly. She was eager to tell the doctor that her friend know all the answers of most questions but she feels that her answers could be wrong and so refuses to write. Doctor asks her, "How you know that"?

"Madam, Seema always tells me all the answers and I write them without doubt and they come to be correct, and that is why I say this". Shreya explains.
Seema's mother decided to find if any body who could remove from the mind of seema that fear for studies.

Arun Chaudhari a young student in his final year for engineering had just finished his exams and, was free to do some suitable work. Arun was one of the neighbors of Seema. He was searching out as to what to do, the whole day was available and he was in search of some intelligent occupation to spend time sensibly. Arun was staying in the same chawl as Seema Karkhanis. On one day, while he was standing in the common balcony of the chawl he overhears some angry comments of Seema’s father about her not doing well in the exams. Arun was curious to know what the row is about; slowly moves to the front door of Seema’s room. Surreptitiously peeps in the room, and sees Seema standing in front of her father quietly, mother sitting on one side and father sitting looking helplessly at his daughter, his looks are showing signs of great worry on his face. The family appears to be in greatly tense situation. As Arun peeps; Seema looks to him and now, she starts crying. On that, her father looks towards the door and finds the young man. Father gets up out of his seat and looking to him warns, “Are you enjoying the tamasha? Young man, what are you watching here”? On that, Seema’s mother comes out in the balcony and looks to him with some expectations, asks him, “Arun, you are now free of your studies. Can you help me in the task of bringing Seema to the normal level as other students are”?

Rewati Karkhanis mother of Seema knew Arun as their same floor neighbor and so she requests him for some help. She also knew that Arun is a good boy and putting Seema in his charge will be very safe.

What do you mean, Kaki? You want me to teach Seema”? Arun puts up.
You know Seema is not a dullard. She is very intelligent in every other work; she is working hard but what goes wrong, I do not understand, when it comes to writing answer papers. She simply refuses to write even when she knows the answers. You have been a good student and I know you will do well in your engineering exams also and so can you find out what is wrong with this girl”. Rewati inquires nervously. Listening to the conversation between Arun and Rewati, mother of Seema, Shantaram, father of seema gets up and goes in the inner room and Seema looks a little out of pressure. She is looking to Arun; she knows him as a neighbor and is on very good talking terms as well. Arun takes a deep sigh, looks to Seema and beckons her to come near him. She approaches but stands next to her mother. She is avoiding looking straight at him but looks elsewhere. Mother moves a little away and shows her willingness that they both talk to each other.

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