Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Revenge

Last part -

Hemant had accomplished his revenge by killing theree of the four of his victims.

Next day as the news of accidental death of Bali reaches everywhere as it becomes the news item for the local news papers, Janaki and her accosiates also come to know of it. She decides to send Ram to find out the condition of Sarang.

Ram and his friend Shree both travel to city and they reach residence of Sarang. They see a lot of commotion in that house. They see that an ambulance was standing on the door of Sarang's house. Ram and Shree slowly venture to enter that house and there they see that Sarang is sitting in one chair and a doctor was doing some routine check ups on him. His wife and son were standing around and looked very much up set. They were so much engrossed in their own worries that they barely notice these two strangers entering that house. After some time as the doctor completes check up and declares that Mr. Sarang needs to be admittd in a menta hospital for better treatment, they looked to these two stranger and ask who they are?

Son of Sarang approach them and inquires about them. On that Shree and Ram introduce them as assitants of Janaki. They also tell him that they read news of accidental death of Bali and so they wanted to know of Sarangs wel lbeing.

After the intruduction was over, Shree asks the son, what is the matter with his father? He tells him that ever since the news of accidental death of Bali, who was sarang's best friend, Mr. Sarang has lost his mental balance. On finding that they finally called for the doctor and now it is confirmed that his father need mental treatment to bring him out of that shock of the news of his freind's death. Shree requests Sarang's son that they woud like to talk with him before he is taken to the hospital.

They are allowed to see him and on seeing them Sarang shows signs of relief on his face. That diffrence in his face was noticed by the doctor and he inquires about the two. Doctor tells wife of Sarang that these two can help bring him to normacy. That brings much relief to that woman and she approaches them and request them to help Sarang. They assure her that they have come from the Ashram of Janaki for that purpose and they will do their best to bring him to normalcy. Shree requsts her that they be allowed a private meet with him so that they can discuss some important issues related with this. She allows them that and as per they move away from that room allowing the three some privacy.

As every body has left that room, anxiously Sarang turns to them and says sorrowfully, "What a mess has happened! We were to come to you and fix him. However, that Hemant excelled them in the act. He has done away with the last victim of his in the nick of time. What can we do now"? The way Sarang speaks to them they realized that Sarang is not at all abnormal and really does not need any hospitalization for any mental treatment. Ram asks Sarang why he does not tell that he does not need any hospitlization? On that Sarang tells them that in that morning when he gets the call from Bali's house and gets the bad tiding he becomes dazed for a while and during that period he did behave in abnormal manner but after that bout he had regained himself but by that time they had called for the doctor and he began to ask silly questions that irritated him and there he began to give wrong answers to his queries. That made him feel that he is out of his senses. Ram and Shree decide to tell about that and suggest a plan to Sarang of which Sarang approves. The plan is that they will take him to their Ashram and keep him there until he has come out of the shock.

After that brief meeting the two friends, Ram and Shree request Sarang's wife that they would like to take custody of sarang and take him to their Ashram and keep him until he becomes alright. Sarang's wife after some counselling with her doctor accepts their request and now Sarang prepares to go to Ashram in place of hospital. Sarang's wife also likes that idea as she had not really liked that her husband will be in a mental hopsital. That would have been a disgrace to her in the yes of society in which she had a position.

Immediately they prepare for that and Sarang with them in his car driven by Sarang's son begin the way to Ashram. By afternoon they reach Ashram and they find Janaki was waiting for them. She welcomes them and asks Sarang to sit in that room where they had done the last rites last week. Everybody is silent as they expect Janaki to say something.

A meeting begins and Janaki siting in her usual sofa and others standing in that room along with son of Sarang, Sarang sitting in his chair. First she gives her condolences to Sarang for the bereavement of his friend. There was an unusual silence in that room and abruptly Sarang blurts out, Hemant has done his revenge! He has spared me and so it is quiet possible that the problem is over, am I correct? He questions Janaki.

After a pause Janaki tells them that there is some good news about Hemant. He cannot do anything wrong to anybody at all now! Hemant had been anxious to be reborn as he had an accidental death and that was not his real death. As we say it was his optional death which could have been avoided. All those who die by optional death are reborn shortly as per the Aghori science. And therefore, as he killed Bali he was releived from his thoughts of revenge and immediately began to search for suitable embryo to enter. Hemant has entered the embryo in his sister as she is about to concieve shortly. As that, Hemant has no control on anything as his new phase has begun. Is it not a good news? that this turmoil is over for good by the birth of Hemant in new life. Janaki concluded by uttering, "This is life!"

Story concludes, new story shall begin in the next post,

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