Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Seema Studies 2

What do you mean, Kaki? You want me to teach Seema”? Arun puts up.
You know Seema is not a dullard. She is very intelligent in every other work; she is hard working but what goes wrong, I do not understand, when it comes to writing answer papers. She simply refuses to write even when she knows the answers. You have been a good student and I know you will do well in your engineering exams also and so can you find out what is wrong with this girl”. Rewati enquires nervously. Listening to the conversation between Arun and Rewati, mother of Seema, Shantaram, father of seema gets up and goes in the inner room and Seema looks a little out of pressure. She is looking to Arun; she knows him as a neighbor and is on very good talking terms as well. Arun takes a deep sigh, looks to Seema and beckons her to come near him. She approaches but stands next to her mother. She is avoiding looking straight at him but looks elsewhere. Mother moves a little away and shows her willingness that they both talk to each other.

Seema what is the problem”? Arun

She nods silently twisting her lips. Silence for some time and at that time a very fat neighboring woman rushes through the balcony pushing both Arun and Seema on one side. Seema is literally thrown on Arun. This makes the girl give a silent laugh easing the situation. Seema is yet not looking to Arun and stands still. Rewati asks Seema if she can take Arun to help her in her studies. She nods positive and quickly moves away inside their room. Arun looks helpless in the situation. Rewati asks Arun to meet again. She asks, “Will it be good to send Seema to his room”? She puts up. Arun is all stunned, as he never expected that his peeping in their room could develop into the situation that he has to look into the problem of Seema!

I shall first talk with her about this matter and then let you know if I am of any use in this matter”. Arun ejaculated.

Arun is shown to be a very decent young man with maturity seldom found in men of that age group. The way he moves, talks, looks around and his facial expressions should reveal that to all in that neighborhood.
Next day, Arun is sitting in his room watching TV. Seema enters the room with some books and stands in front of him like an obedient student. Arun looks to her and with a smile tells her, “It is not necessary to stand in front of me. In the first place, I am not your teacher. I am only your friend as we stay in the same place. So please follow no formalities with me”.

Then he moves his palm on the nearby chair as if he was cleaning the seat and requests her to sit there. Seema looks a lot relieved at that and politely occupies the seat, holding the books and an exercise note book in both hands. Both smile with each other. Seema offers those books to him.

What are these books of, I mean what subjects you want me to take… I mean you want to study with me…” this fumbling talk makes Seema smirks silently, looking to him from the corners of her eyes. Arun realizes his stumbling and gives a loud smile. Both liked the beginning of the tutorial, it so appears.

Seema is very terse in replying to him. "Mathematics and History", Seema
Arun opens one book on Mathematics and asks her what in this you do not understand?

Seema is again very tense and says nothing; Arun is looking into the book and sees some theorems and smiles to himself. He is actually waiting for her reply but mute she is and so he gets no reply. He looks up to her and sees that Seema is quietly looking down at the ground.

If this is your attitude, Seema, I shall not be able to help you at all. You should be speaking to me so that; I can understand your problem”. Arun explains showing signs of helplessness on his face.

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