Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 44

Two more days passed without any event worth any mention and discussion. That was the day; they would be going to Janaki and their get rid of Hemant for good. Bali was sitting in his private room and pondering over all those events those passed in all these years. He was in deep reminiscence and in that, he was watching all those events those passed during their life. He remembered very clearly how their college time leader Khalia instigated that young boy, Hement that caused the fetal accident and killed him. Youthfulness is good but at times, it is very bad also. He realized this truth but it was too late for that. Many other events he remembered in that nostalgia. What we get in doing all these mischief? There was no point in bothering on that as it was of no use now. However, those thoughts do come in mind. He saw in that memory how he developed the hotel, which he opened with a small sum of only ten thousand. How Sarang helped him in difficult times and how James would offer beverages to his hotel on credit so that he can run that hotel properly. He realized that the three friends he had were his pillars and whatever he is today is because of them. He remembered how Khalia would come to help in getting those many licenses and permits to keep the business of hotel moving properly. During those early days when business was not, so good he was getting financial help from Sarang whose legal practice was booming.

Now he was thinking of forgetting him because he betrayed James at the point of Hemant. He asked himself, was it a proper way to react? He remembered the question his wife had asked to which he conveniently avoided to reply. Yes, if Hemant had approached him and asked him to kill; would he oblige Hemant? This question told him that there is no difference in him and Sarang! At a point Bali realized that his one mind had warned him that to protect him and his family he would sacrifice all his friends. For him his family was more important than anything else was in this world. If so, then why blame Sarang for what he did?

While he was deeply contemplating on all these thoughts, he was continuously drinking Whisky of his brand. Gradually that drink was taking over Bali. Inebriated he was gradually losing control on his senses. At that time, his wife called him and asked him to do his super before it is too late. The hotel in that building which belonged to him provided all the meals they ate. That was the usual style in their life. His wife cooked only breakfast and tea at early morning because hotel kitchen would open only after 8:30 am sharp. While Bali had a habit of taking his morning tea and breakfast at about seven am.
Bali took his super with his little daughter Priya. She was small enough to sit on his lap and was usually fed by him. They together had their meal and Bali again began to drink. Priya stepped down from his laps and began to play her game of run and catch all by herself. Bali was watching her and that gave him pleasure nobody can explain. It was about 9 pm and things were being settled for that day. Lights from windows of nearby houses and hotels were dimming their lights and so darkness was gradually taking over that place. Bali's room had a dim light barely enough so that they can see each other but not well enough that they may try to read. Bali was now fully under the influence of the drink that he was slowly sipping through out that evening. He was in a way celebrating that evening because the next day he and his friend Sarang were going to be free of that Hamant's ghost. However, Bali was not aware of one thing. The spirit of revengeful Hemant was in his that darkened room looking to him through its astral eyes. Hemant's spirit looked very ghastly; its face was pale like chalk and he was looking to both the people in that room. Priya was playing all by herself only occasionally calling her father to come and join him in her play of catch-catch. She was running from the walls of that room to the parapet wall of the adjacent terrace. She was playing with somebody others cannot see. She would occasionally converse with him also but that was not watched by the father who was fully inebriated. That her mate was no body else, but Hemant. Only she could see her. She would laugh with him but others could not see him and so it so appeared that she is laughing all to herself.

Her father was watching that her innocent play. While he watched, he all of a sudden saw Hemant standing on the threshold of that door which joined the room and the terrace. Actually, it was his daughter Priya, but fully intoxicated Bali felt it is Hemant. On seeing that, Bali became very angry. He shouted on him but that was Priya and his shouting did not reach up to her as if she was in a way covered by the powers of Hemant. Bali got out of the chair he was sitting and began to walk towards the terrace. He wanted to hold that small sized Hemant and simply crush him. He had forgotten that it was the ghost of an already dead person, inebriated that he as. He would see both, Hamant, as small as his daughter Priya, and then again his daughter. This switching of appearances puzzled him. The real catch-catch game began between him and Hemant who would look like Priya to him. Bali was trying to catch him but could not hold on him, as he was not in a normal state of consciousness. On one occasion, Hamant's spirit challenged him to catch him and that spirit climbed on that parapet wall and standing their called him to catch him. Bali forcefully ran to that wall, which was not high enough to stop him from falling down; and that happened fatally. Bali fell from the terrace down on the street below. It was a big fall. There was no chance that Bali can survive such a fall. Hemant's ghost was watching the dead body of Bali. Next to Hemant's ghost was standing ghost of Dhiru butcher after some time both the spirits vanished. Bali had personally thrown Hemant from that terrace of their hostel and now he had similar fall.

Story continues in the next post,

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