Friday, June 10, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 43

Bali reached his home after dropping Sarang to his place. He was not in any better mood, the thoughts that, Sarang had helped Hemant in killing James cold not be removed from his mind. They were repeatedly pushing themselves as though they were warning him of something terrible that is going to occur soon. His wife asked him about what happened at the place where he had been. Without asking for his permission, she prepared his plate of super and put it in front of him on the table where he was sitting. Bai was a very kindhearted husband and he did not say any thing and began to eat the super. She was sitting in chair in front of his and watching his face. She could easily realize that her husband is in a very bad mood. As such, she preferred to keep silent. Bali was drinking more than usual, while eating he was drinking as if he wants to forget something. This observation finally forced his wife to ask him about what bothers him so much that he is taking more than usual of his drink. Bali looks to her and he began to weep. This disturbed her and she got out of her chair and went near him to comfort him by holding his face at her breast. As if, he was a small child. Bali's son who was a teenager was also sitting there and he could realize that something very terrible must have occurred during that journey to Bhujangnath ashram.

After some time Bali could control him, looked with smile to his wife, and thanked her for the way he was trying to comfort him. He looked to his son, Madhu who was in his first year of college, sitting in front chair on that table and asked him how everything with him is. After that, he looked to his wife and by signing suggested that he wants to know where his daughter, Priya is. His wife mutely only pointed that she has gone to sleep. Bali came to know that at home everything was OK. He looked very tired and wished that he wants to go to bed and he promised that he would tell everything in the morning. That was good enough for the family and they dispersed.

Next morning at breakfast he began to tell all that happened at Janaki's place. It was like a fairy tale to them. Priya was at the table but not interested in it she was more interested in playing with her father and Bali was also encouraging her to play with him while he was narrating the events those took place at Jakai's place. After finishing the narration, he promised his wife that he will never want to meet Sarang who had betrayed the friendship of long standing. On that, Bali's wife asked him if he was in place of Sarang and Hemant had given that offer to him what would he do. On hearing that query, Bali became silent and looked to his wife with a feeling of fear in his eyes. Bali could not reply to her but that changed his attitude towards Sarang a bit. He could feel the fear through which his friend must have gone when the ghost of Hemant put that proposal to him. At the end of the chatting amongst his family members, he told them that the end of this has come very close, only three days and then they will be going to visit Janaki's place and get Hemant locked up for good. After that, this ghost of Hemant shall serve as her servant. After saying this, Bali gave a laugh as if they are winning the game of wits.

You will have to go with Sarang for that. His wife inquired. "Yes, but that does not matter, does it"? Bali replied forcefully. "After all Sarang has repented what he did and that is good enough for me". Bali added. "Just three more days and that is the end of this Hemant", Bali was feeling very confident about what was going to happen then. He told his wife about the way this Janaki managed the matter, the skillful manner in which she did is remarkable, he added. As if Bali's bragging nature had returned to him.

"We are in the best hands, you know". Bali was showing confidence to his wife and wife was feeling relieved by that. "Moreover, I promise to you after this is over I shall never ever see Sarang's face in my life in future. I shall be more interested in spending time with my dear, dear family and not with this friend in future, I promise to all of you"; and after saying this he lifts his little daughter and kissed her on her cheeks.

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