Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 40
Sarang had no option but to give his explanation to the meeting. Spontaneously he shouted and yelled, "This Hemant is lying. How can I do anything like this? I am not a mechanic, I do not know of such things"; and stopped. Every body was apparently convinced of his argument since he was an advocate and so any thing like this cannot be expected of him. However, Bali was not convinced because, he knew Sarang's flare for mechanic activities. He began to look with added suspicion. Bali was very cautious now since it may turn against him if he tries to expose his friend. James was no more and proving anything against Sarang is of no use presently. For a few minutes, Bali kept to himself but finally he could not control himself and spontaneously poured out on Sarang and asked him, "Dear friend, may be you did not do it but there are other things you have to explain". "How about that phone call Jame's wife received from his mobile"? You know that phone machine James had forgotten and so how could he call her wife on that mobile, which was in his bedroom? It is quiet possible that you made the call mimicking Jame's voice. Can you explain that?

Sarang, throwing his shoulders, rejected possibility of anything like that. Because, he did not know that James had forgotten his mobile back in his bedroom. That he came to know only when next day morning police came to investigate.

All this put Janaki and her team in quandary. That was so because they did not know of anything about the death of James. Therefore, Janaki interrupted and asked both of them what is all this about death of James? Who is James? Can you put more light on that so that I can understand about what you two are talking?

Bali realizes that and begins to tell about how James encountered that fetal accident and died. On that, Janaki asked about the police report. She understood that they cleared that incidence as an accident and Sarang did not come under their scanning.

Ram was silently watching them and he could notice that Sarang was under extreme duress, he was profusely sweating and that was sign that something Sarang was hiding. Janaki also noticed that and together they insisted that truth must come out of it and unless they come to know of the truth behind death of James, she will not be able to seize Hemant. She clearly told them that unless they spell out the truth she will have to release Hemant and then they are at the mercy of that wile ghost of Hemant. The way she warned was very frightening.

Bali demanded that Sarang be straight on that and spell out whatever that actually happened that night and clear the matter. If he has helped Hemant then better he accepts it and confesses to that effect. While all this conversation was continuing Shree with the ghost of Hemant did not do anything and kept quiet. As if, Hemant was waiting to strike back with double force once Sarang admits of his alliance with him. There was tremendous pressure on Sarang to admit of his alliance with the ghost but he wanted some more time, his advocate's brain was working fast to find way out of it. Presently though, it was not coming up.

Mr. Sarang, are you aware of what is going on here? Janaki questioned him loudly as if it was a sort of last warning. She then told the gathering that she could not keep her assistant under a ghost for long. Moreover, if they do not co-operate, she will have to release Heman's ghost from Shree's body and then she will not be able to help them anyway. There was huge silence that bothered Bali most. He was worrying about his daughter's safety. Bali approaching Sarang closely, holding his arm requested him to be clear on that and admit if Hemant is talking truth.

"I, ahh...
Sarang could not say anything and he collapsed unconscientiously.

Story continues in the next post,

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