Saturday, May 21, 2016

Last revenge

Part 41

Sarang could not say anything and he collapsed unconscientiously.

As Sarang collapsed, everybody became very tense and for a while, nobody could get what to do. Bali asked if there could be any doctor but they nodded negatively. Janaki looked to her assistants and decided to wind up the proceedings of that operation. She released Hemant from Shree's body and asked Dhiru to be available again as required. Bali was very much upset by this unexpected development. Shree stood out and stood near Sarang. They could not understand what to do in that situation.

However, Janaki said to the people in that room that Hemant was definitely helped by this man and that is why he has lost his senses out of guilt feeling. Nevertheless, this does not suggest that Hemant is innocent. What we want is that he should close this carnage and once and for all, forgive and forget them.

Bali was now really worried as he felt that next time Hemant might ask Sarang to help him in killing him. He told Janaki and Ram that it is now very difficult to trust Sarang whom he always trusted most. He told them that he never could believe that Sarang could betray James in this way. He told, we drink together but now on I shall feel uncomfortable to do that, as it could be that this man may add something to it and kill me for Hemant. On that, Janaki suggested that they would ask Sarang what tempted him in helping Hemant. Was it a black mail or any temptation or else.

What is next line of action on this matter? Shree questioned to Janaki. Should we allow them to leave place and call them when Sarang will be all right, Shree asked her. Janaki told them, "Let us wait for a while and see if Sarang gets up shortly and if he does we shall finish this matter right today only. Then asked, if there is any way to bring him to senses? Ram said, we are in deep of a forest and for five miles on all sides; we do not have any such help. Then as if, remembered Bali asked if they have onion bulbs. If it can be procured we will hold it on his nose and may be that will bring him to senses back.

They searched for onion and luckily for them Shree found that there a lot of them in their kitchen. He went and brought a few bulbs and asked Bali to do what he wants with them. Bali crushed one bulb and the pungent odor of that spread all over the room. He forcefully pressed it on Sarang's nose. That appears to be working and for the first time Sarang made some small movement. Shree crushed one more and gave it to Bali and they practically suffocated Sarang with that strong smell of onion.

After some time Sarang fully recovered and began to look around with eyes, half open. That shows that he was not fully out of that dizziness. Bali true to his nature was looking to Sarang as if he will pounce upon him for the explanation. Sarang was gradually recovering from that trauma; looking to that Janaki softly ordered Bali that he be careful with his friend and do not pester him with questions. She showed relief that most unexpected predicament was over. Ram asked if they could resume the operation, on that showing her palm Janaki asked for patience.

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