Monday, May 2, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 39

Then Shree again opens up and through him, Hemant begins to tell how he arranged with Sarang to kill James. This information shocked everybody in that room. Bali had some idea of this but now he was getting actually a proof against Sarang. If that was correct then it was clear that Sarang killed James indirectly. Bali presumed that but at Sarang, who is a very successful Advocate of merits things were not that clear. Sarang began to work simultaneously on the arguments Hemant was putting through Shree. He very perfectly knew that in case this matter goes to law court that evidence given by a dead man and that also in this way will not hold anything and so in that way he was sure of escaping the charges. However, here it was not a law court but a gathering of people who were ready to accept what the dead man's spirit tells as truth. That was the difficulty with Sarang but he prefers to keep silent and let the spirit of Hemant continue his story. After some narration, Shree stopped talking. There was pin drop silence in that small room.

Janaki had her eyes closed during the narration. Now she slowly opens her eyes and looks to everybody in the room. Then she asks Ram "Where did we begin"?

Hemant had told the gathering that the one that was killed by him was the one who encountered an accident at the ghat. In that, he died due to fall in the ravine. From that explanation, they could guess that he was talking of James and when Hemant told them that one killer had loosened pipe fittings of that car in which the deceased had traveled. This clearly pointed to Sarang and by that surmise Bali could understand that link. Even though Bali could understand it others in that room were not having any idea of that incidence and so they were as loss; Janaki wanted them to explain what happened and she reassured to the two friends that during such interrogations, generally spirits talk truth and so she wants to believe what the spirit of Hemant has told. However, she needed more details about that event to get clear picture of what exactly happened in that night.

Bali could not get where to begin and Sarang was not in position to say anything about that event as he was directly accused of the killing of James by the spirit of Hemant. Janaki repeated her request and told them that they have to spill out the truth so that she may be able to know how correct Hemant's point of view is. After a big pause, Bali decided to tell the event as he had come to know. However, he first explained to Janaki and her assistants that he was not directly involved in that as he was not with them, Sarang and James on that fateful night.

"What ever you know of that incident you spell out in details and looking to Sarang she warns that Sarang should be clean about that so that she will understand how much blame she can put on Hemant. Sarang did not say anything on that but preferred to move out of that room allowing them to have uninterrupted talk. He was now fully aware that soon he will have to come with his explanation on that event and that was important. At the same time, he knew how to defend himself in case things turn against him.

Bali had finished his understanding of the event and then they called in Sarang to put light on that happening from his point of view. Sarang did not know where to and how to begin. He was in two minds; should he refuse the fact that he loosened the pipefitting? And put blame on the spirit of Hemant by saying that the loosening of the pipes, if at all had happened, was the making of Hemant's powers and if not then, it could be just a matter of accident that the pipe fittings were loosened by chance and his putting the blame on him was outrageous. Sarang did exactly that and told the gathering that he was not a mechanic that he can do such act of loosening the fittings. He is an advocate and not a motor mechanic. His point was accepted by the meeting and Janaki accepted that Sarang was not personally involved in that incident even though it occurred at his bungalow.

For the time being Sarang's expertise had helped him at that time but his conscience was pricking him.

Story continues in the next post,

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