Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 38

On Janaki's comments that Hemant will not touch anybody else; Sarang remembers the accidental death of wife of Khalia. He was tempted to ask her how it is that Khalia's wife was killed by Hemant when she was not concerned. Nevertheless, he prefers to keep silent to avoid any unwanted controversy. Janaki comes to know of the question in mind of Sarang and she looks to him and tells him that it was an accident and Hemant never wanted to kill that woman. Khalai's impatience killed her. How is it that you could read my mind? Janaki did not reply but gave a meaningful smile. Bali was very much restless now and repeatedly requested Janaki and her assistants to do something so that Hemant is controlled. Bali was in constant contact with his family and soon he receives call and in that, his wife tells him that, their daughter is now resting on the bed and there is nothing to worry about. All the same, she keeps on wondering about what is all this happening to them. She was repeatedly asking but Bali could not explain anything to her. Bali tells the people in the room of Janaki that his daughter is now relaxing and no more flying in air.

There was silence after that and then Shree, Janaki's assistant who was seating in the chair, begins to show some signs, as if something is happening to him. Again, Dhiru Butcher comes into Shree and he told Janaki that he has controlled Hemant. Janaki tells him that she wants to talk to Hemant to stop this carnage. Orders Dhiru and calls Hemant to appear in Shree so that some solution may be worked out of this unfortunate event.

There was no movement and after some long minute Shree begins to make faces. Ram hints to Sarang that this is sign that Hemant is entering in the body of Shree. Shree looks around and in a voice that was not of Shree begins to growl at the people. After that, he looks to Janaki and asks her, "Why I am summoned."

Janaki first asks the spirit if it is the spirit of Hemant. "Are you Hemant"? The spirit replies in a disgruntled manner. And repeats his first question, "Why I am summoned"?
Janaki immediately touches the subject of concern and asks him,
"Why you are killing these friends"?

There is no reply for much time and it so appears that the spirit has left Shree's body. On that Bali, being a very impatient type of a person becomes restless. He inquires to Janaki and Ram, "What has happened to him? Why he is not responding"? On that, Ram showing his hand requests him to keep silence and just watch. Bali is so much restless that he begins to look to Sarang and tries to tell him that this Hemant should not run away. Bali says it in a voice that others could hear and on that Janaki and Ram begin to smile; Ram reassures him that Hemant cannot escape the way he feels. However, let him think about what he wants to say, we have to give him time.

Janaki after some patience takes out a broom and brushes it on the floor as if she is all out to use it on Shree who was under the influence of the ghost of Hemant. Then comes the voice of Hemant from Shree,

"They killed me without reason and destroyed my chance in this world so I have right to react".
Janaki warns him, "You have already killed three persons; how many more you want to kill"?

"I have not killed three, only one and that was with help of one of them". Hement's ghost replies.
"What do you mean that you did not kill three, there are three deaths as per our record, and here you say only one and that is also with help of one of the four killers"? Janaki was confused from that confession of the ghost. She looks around to see both friends and with question mark on her face, she repeatedly looks to Sarang and Bali.
Ram also is now wondering, "What is this"? Ram questions both of them.
Sarang begins to sweat profusely. He keeps on swabbing his face with the small towel he was carrying. Bali looks to Sarang and realizes that Sarang helped Hemant in killing James. Here Hemant did not know of their names and so he could not tell names but by now, the matter had become very clear and Bali who had the hint from the beginning that James was killed by Hemant with helps from Sarang; kept silence. That was not going to help them anyhow. They have to tell the truth to Janaki.

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