Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 37

There was complete silence in that room, Shree was put sitting in a chair with both his hands bound to the arms of that old styled chair. Ram was standing a little away from that chair and Janaki was sitting in her sofa, eyes closed and as if she was in deep meditative mood. Bali and Sarang had nothing to do but to watch the scene and look to each other with great expectations. Bali's mobile was on silence but it begins to vibrate indicating that a call is coming. He moves out of that room and as that Sarang sees, he also joins Bali and together they go out of that room.
"What is it now"? Bali whispers to the caller.

There was some silence and then he hears voice of his wife she tells him that Priya is now flying in air as if somebody is lifting her but there is nobody around to do that. Sarang's wife has left the house as things had become normal sometime back. She told that she feels very much unsecured in that situation. Her voice was full of fear and astonishment; she was almost on the verge of crying. While she was talking, Bali could hear the faint voice of smiling of his daughter as if she was enjoying the thing that was happening to her. Then she hangs the phone.

Bali tells that to his friend, Sarang and wonders now what to do.
"Should I tell this to Janaki and team"? Bali asks Sarang.
"Obviously, we have to tell everything that is happening at your home". Sarang reacts.
Both friends return to that room and signs to Ram, calls him close, and tells him the message they had just received. For a while, Ram looks to be thinking over that and them he decides to tell that new development to Janaki. Ram approaches Janaki who was in a trance mood and calls her I a whisper. Janak slowly opens her eyes and looking to Ram mutely enquires, what is it now?

Ram calls Bali and requests him to explain the event that is happening at his home in the city. After Bali has told her the incidence, Janaki looks to ceiling of the room and thinks of something and after some time she begins to smile. Her smile was definitely something. That gave the two friends some relief; but for what was it? Janaki softly spoke to Bali that it is a good sign that the baby is enjoying the flying in air. Then she tol a pause and told the room that Hemant has taken liking for the child and he is no harm to that little girl.
Bali became pensive and after some thinking, he questioned to Janaki.
"Will that be safe for her"?
"I do not want this ghost of Hemant to take too much liking for my daughter".
"Where is butcher Dhiru? Is it safe for all of us to be in this type of situation"?
Bali was throwing questions after questions, as he was becoming all the more restless.

"Please do not get so much panicky". Janaki consoles him and tells him that Dhiru is right there and will soon take Hemant here in front of us. She further tells them that your daughter has reminded him of his own sister. When he was alive, he used to play with her in those days". Then Janaki tells them that Hemant is a good man and you should not feel afraid of him so much as you do. However, he cannot forget what you people did to his life, he will not take life of any other person for your sake.

"Whatever, but he should leave my daughter immediately, Bali almost warns.

Sarang also becomes restless as he remembers of his own son who is at the house and feels unnerved with the thoughts that this Hemant's spirit may take to his son also, then what to do. These thought make him very uncomfortable but he prefers to keep quiet.
"Please do something quickly and see that my daughter is back to her mother". Bali pleads.

Story continues in the next post,

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