Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 36
"Hello, I am here with Bali's family and please do not worry. One more thing I want to tell you that little Priya has stopped doing all those weird things and now she has become normal. She has taken her toys and playing with them. Nevertheless, please come as soon as possible. We are all feeling unsafe without you. ".

Sarang had put his mobile on loud and so Bali could here that conversation. It was a relief to him that his daughter has become normal. However, there was a sense of insecurity in his mind. He could not understand how his daughter became normal. Bali tells that his daughter has turned normal but how this happened; he asks Janaki.
"It's good news that the little child has recovered. But I do not understand how that happened".

Janaki smiles to herself and exclaims to herself, "Dhiru butcher has done it".
"How is it, that Dhiru who is just next to us here and there far away in that city my family, How such a thing is possible"? Bali questions her.

On hearing, this question Janaki and Shree both begin to smile and they enjoyed the innocence of Bali.
"You see, Mr. Bali, for these ghosts this dimension of distance does not exist. They are present everywhere; just the way internet signals. Shree tries to explain to Bali.

How is it possible? Bali puts up his query. Sarang was listening to that conversation. He is also surprised that Dhiru released from here and he can accomplish this feat, how surprising!

Janaki explains to both the friends and during that conversation, she tells them that ghosts do not exist in material world. They exist in a phase of nature that is beyond matter. They exist in a form of thoughts. This explanation, in place of clearing the doubts in their mind, actually added more confusion.

Bali tells his mind very clearly to Janaki and her assistant Shree that this explanation is confusing him more.

"Never mind that let us concentrate on the next move that is required to get hold on Hemants ghost", Janaki repeats. Then she summons both her assistants, they discuss something and then, Janaki gives her instructions to Ram to prepare Shree for the next encounter with Hemant. She looks to the two friends and tell them,
"Now be prepared to face Hemant ace to face. We expect that Dhiru Butcher will force Hemant into Shree soon".

Janaki instructs Ram and tells him to secure both hands of Shree so that he will not be able to attack any body; this precaution is required as the ghost of Hemant is not a safe spirit that we can manage easily she explains.

There were tense moments; Bali and Sarang were waiting for that moment of encounter with Hemant who will be appearing through the body of Shree, second assistant of Janaki, wizardess.

Much time passes but nothing happens. Janaki was in her trance mood and so friends could not her any questions. They had no option but to wait and wait until something really happens.

Story continues in the next post,

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