Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 35

Ram and Bali move out of that house in a hurry to go to the nearby market to purchase the things required for the ritual. Bali had many questions to be put to Ram, who he thought, is competent to give him reply and satisfy him. Bali never had belief in any such thing as ghosts and their exploits. Even though, presently he was suffering from one such trouble due to Hemant, a ghost, that has been pestering him. After some silence when he was driving the car to the nearby village Bali opens conversation.
"Helo, Mr. Ram whence did you join this job"?

Ram looking to Bali told with a smile that, he had been always interested in such occult subjects. My uncle was a noted wizard during his time but when I was a small child, he died. My father did not have any interest in this but I decided to follow my uncle's trade and so, I joined first Bhujangnath but I was not satisfied as he was not teaching us much but when I came to Janaki mata, I was happy as she teaches us everything.
"You call her Janaki mata"? Bali inquired.
"Yes she is old enough to be addressed that way", Ram replies.
"Since when you are with her"? Bali
"Almost five years by now". Ram
How about Shree, your partner; he has the same story as you"? Bali

Ram smiles, told Bali, "Shree is a graduate from a noted University; he joined this not for a job, but, to do research in Hindu occult science. He is preparing his first paper on the subject and I am helping him in that project".

Bali was getting more interest in this subject on hearing that Shree is a highly educated person and spending his best life in this research.

By then they reached the market and became busy in making the required purchases. By the time, they complete that and return it was dark. Sarang was waiting for them as he was receiving more calls from their city residence from Bali's house. He was tense and could not know how to talk to his friend, Bali.

Bali joins Sarang but Sarang does not immediately says anything to him as he did not want Bali to hear what was happening in his house.

Soon the ritual to give much, waited ration to that ghost of Dhiru, butcher began. After the ritual was over Janaki asks Dhiru how he can help in controlling Hemant.
Sarang wanted to know how this will work; and so, asks Janaki how one ghost can control another ghost.

Janaki explains that Dhiru is a older ghost than Hemant's and so it is possible to use it to control Hemant. The older the ghost more powerful it is and so they can help in managing such dangerous ghost, who is filled with the emotions of vengeance.

Dhiru was much thankful for what he got from Janaki. Therefore, promises to hold on Hemant and stop him from doing anything wrong to Bali and Sarang.

Sarang gets a call from his wife who was at Bali's house with Bali's wife and daughter.

Story continues in the next post,

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