Thursday, March 10, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 34
It was now evening and Sun was almost deep under the horizon. At Bali's house, his small daughter, Priya was playing with her toys and her mother was busy in her usual house chore. It was the same day when in the morning Bali and Sarang had left for meeting Bhujangnath. That means, when Bali and Sarang were waiting to see what happens at Janak's house here in the city at Bali's house some thing else was about to happen.

While Bali and Sarang were busy watching the ritual, in which, Janaki and her assistants were calling the spirit of a butcher Dhiru and asking it to get spirit of Hemant there in Shree; Bali receives a call from his house and he gets up and walks out of that room to listen to it. He comes out of the house and to get the range he had to do it. Luckily, he gets the range and he hears the frantic call from his wife. She was calling him and telling him that their dear daughter was behaving in a very strange way. She told him in a voice that was not normal. "What is the matter"? Bali asks frantically to his wife. She was telling him that their only daughter is not behaving normally and to her surprise the little girl was speaking in a voice that is not her own.

"What nonsense, you are talking"? Bali shouts out of impatience and that his shouting was so much aloud that it goes in the house where others were sitting. Sarang senses that something is wrong at Bali's place and so to know what is it all about he gets up and walks out of that room quietly. Sarang joined Bali outside that house was listening to the conversation of Bali and his wife. On hearing a few words of that conversation and the tone of Bali's voice gave him the feeling that something wrong is happening at his friends house.

"Can I get what is going on here"? Sarang asked Bali. Bali signed him and requested him to be quiet. This behavior of Bali disturbs Sarang but he keep silent until that brief conversation in the couple stopped abruptly. Bali looks very much disturbed at that and looking to Sarang he whispers, "That Bastard has caught hold of my daughter, Priya".

For a while, they really do not understand what to do. After some pause, Sarang suggests Bali that they must inform Janaki of this development immediately. They briskly enter the house and going in the room where Janaki was dealing with Dhiru the butcher, Bali tells Janaki that he received a call from his home and there his small daughter Priya has been in the control of this spirit of Hemant. This shocks every body in that room. Both assistants of Janaki, Ram and Shree look to Bali and at that time Dhiru in Shree again begins to laugh very loudly. Then in the voice of Dhiru Shree begins to tell Janaki,

"Badi Mamsaheba, I knew of this that, Hemant will go to Bali's house and hold his child".
"Now what you can do"? The spirit of Dhiru questions Janaki and shree under the influence of that spirit keeps looking at the two friends alternatively. He has a very sinister smile on his face.

On that, Janaki looking very stern, hold her broom upright Janaki warns Dhiru that, he must help her in the task. On that, spirit of Dhiru lodged in shree asks, "Why should I"? This question really disturbs Janaki and she raises her broom again and asks Dhiru, "What you want to be helpful to me"?

As that happens, spirit of Dhiru in Shree becomes somewhat polite and requests Janaki that he is ready to support her provided she gives him his yearly ration. Janaki waits for a while and then comes up with the promise that she will give him his annual ration (annual ration, is a type of Shraddha offerings those Hindus give to their ancestors)

She looking to Bali and Sarang speak softly, "It is a costly bargain but worth of it if Dhiru keeps his promise". On that, Bali asks her, "What is the expense"?
"A few thousands," Janaki exclaims quietly. On that, immediately Bali takes out his wallet, takes a bundle of notes, and pushes them to Janaki saying, "Mam, cost is no concern, my child is by all measures more important; please do it and get the spirit of butcher in your control".
The spirit of Dhiru was as if watching all that through the senses of shree, Shree gives a smile of satisfaction. Actually, that was a smile of Dhiru as the two friends have already begun to understand the things of dead spirits. Janaki calls Ram and tells him something that the two friends could not listen. That was about preparation for the annual ration that she wanted to give to Dhiru immediately so that she can get his help.
"What is the matter now"? Bali asks and he gets the reply that he was expecting. We are going to purchase the needs for performing that ceremony and for that Ram will go to near about village market to buy some quantity of mutton and other things. Bali tells Ram that he has the car to fetch that, "We can go by that and do it much faster".
Bali and Sarang together with Ram move out and at that intuitively Sarang looks to Shree, which means, Dhiru. He sees that Dhiru appeared very much happy that now after several years he was going to get his ration.

Story continues in the next post,

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