Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 33
The other assistant his name, Ram asked Janaki who would be the mouth for the spirit. He explained to her that after seeing into the spirit's colors he realized that the spirit is not cool but very angry and will not co-operate easily. On that, Janak did not comment but kept quiet. Sarang and Bali were listening to the conversation that was going on among the wizards. After some time she looked around and looking to Sarang she softly said that there is a problem as the spirit is not co-operative but it is rather hostile. She further told and reassured that, never mind, the problem can be sorted out with some arrangement and for that, she told her assistant Shree that he should pose as the mouth for the spirit. On that, Shree appeared to be very much reluctant but after some coxing by his teacher, he became ready to pose as mouth of the spirit.

The way they were arguing made Sarang a bit confused and he asked Janaki, "What is it to be a mouth of the spirit? Can you please explain it so that we may be able to understand, what is the process to make the spirit accept our terms?

Janaki did not respond but as Sarang repeated his query, she was rather compelled to answer him. She told him that to communicate with a spirit concerned with the matter we have to make him talk out its grievances so that we can work out any plausible remedy to it. Our work is not to make the spirit accept our terms but to communicate with it so that the issue is sorted out amicably. As you can understand these spirits do not have any body, of their own, they have to haunt some person and by that media, they are able to talk out the grievances. Usually we make use of a small child who can talk and that makes the work easy but as you see we do not have any small child with us we have to make some older person to work as its media. Janaki then told Sarang that it is always risky for a grown up person to be a mouth as it may affect that person intrinsically. A small child is by that standards not so much affected, as its body is not suitable for any dangerous activities, which a spirit may want to try out when it has haunted that person. Shree is reluctant because of that risk. This explained to both the friends the topic and they relaxed looking to Shree with sympathy. Bali then asked if Shree is affected by this dangerous spirit of Hemant how will you be saving him. Janaki gave a smile and did not bother to reply. She was more concentrating on the calling process for the spirit. As Ram saw it, he signed to both the friends and requested them to keep quiet.

Ram took out a small seat made of wood and placed it in front of Janaki's seat and Shree sat on it. Some strong smelling essence was smoldering to produce a very thick smoke and soon the room was filled with it. The smoke was so thick that it was not possible to see things in that room clearly. Time was ticking away slowly, every body in that room was tense enough, and watching what happens next. After some time, Shree's body began to shudder slightly and soon it gained strength and began to shudder violently. As if, something has caught hold of it. Then it stopped shaking and now Janaki asked Shree's body, "Are you Hamant?" there was a gurgling sound from Shree's throat and nothing more. Again, Janaki repeated the query. There was silence and now Shree began to move from his seat. He was trying to get up from that seat but as if he was stuck to it, he could not get up. Bali and Sarang were surprised to see what was happening there. Sarang with great inquisitiveness looked to Ram and was going to ask but Ram signed to him and asked him to keep quiet. Janaki again repeated the question and waited for the reply. After some pause, Shree began to talk and told that it was not Hemant but some other spirit.
"Who are you?" Janaki asked sternly.
"Why do not you give out your name? Janaki asked.
"I am Dhiru, butcher." The spirit in Shree replied. Then it asked Janaki, "Why have you called me?"
"I have not called you. You have come on your own. I wanted Hemant to come in, where is Hamant?" Janaki continued.
Janaki asked Dhiru, "Can you locate Hemant?"
The spirit of Dhiru begins to laugh and the sound of that laughter was very eerie.
This angers Janaki and she takes out a broom, generally used to sweep the floors, and hits the body of Shree lightly. On that, Dhiru's spirit stops laughing and requests her to be polite, as it hurts. He then promised to co-operate in the process.

Story continues in the next post,

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