Saturday, February 20, 2016

Last Revenge

Part 32

Sarang and Bali both saw the assistants and could know that the two persons they had seen in their previous visit are the same persons. This time also they did not bother to look at these two friends and after stopping for a few moments, they went in one other room adjacent to the one in which they were sitting. Without saying anything, Janaki also followed them and they vanished in that other room. Janaki closed the door of that room so they could not know what was happening in that room.

"Some personal issue they may be having and we should not bother about that". Sarang exclaimed to Bali. Bali seems to have agreed to that surmise of Sarang and they remained sitting in that room awaiting Janaki. After some time Janaki came out of that room and joined them.

"They are my assistants, I have given them one job to complete, so we had an urgent meeting, and so I went with them", she furnished an apology, which was not necessary. After a pause, she resumed her story. "Uh, where did I stop in my narration?" She asked casually.
"Yes, I was studying the peculiar behavior of my patients. In one such case the spirit that had haunted my patient told her that, if she can fulfill its desire it will willingly forsake the body of that patient and live away".

That triggered some idea in her mind and immediately promised that spirit that if the demand is practicable it will be fulfilled forthwith. That spirit told its demand and she saw that the demand was simple enough and so she promised to fulfill it. Janaki told them that she fulfilled it and to her surprise, that patient was free from that spirit. That was the first case she had solved by Hindu approach and that made for more confident that Hindu approach is more appropriate and western approach was very wrong.

In this way, she and her brother Bhujangnath got into this activity. Later on, they began to study Hindu techniques of Aghori science of spirits and could eventually, master the art and science of managing dead spirits.

Janaki had stopped now and these friends were in deep thoughts about the unknown region of life of which they were very much unaware until that time. It was a great surprise to them. Particularly Bali was until that time, septic about all these things. Sarang was feeling reassured now that they can manage Hemant with help of this woman. It was a big relief to both of them.

There was silence in that room and after some time her two assistants came out of that room and prepared to join them in that room where they were sitting. Janaki introduced them to Bali and Sarang as her assistants; on that, they admitted that they had seen them earlier also.

Janaki told them the case of Hemant and suggested them to find out what Hemant has to say on it. Whether he is ready to negotiate for a truce or not, with the two, who had caused him his death. On that, one assistant frowning at the two friends asked to Janaki. If Hemant does not agreeing then, what to do?

"Do not be impatient Shree, go slowly by our rules. Let the spirit comment on it and then we shall do what is essential". Janaki retorted to her assistant mildly. Bali was now very impatient as he could actually feel that something tangible is being accomplished. Both the friends were eager to see what comes next. The process of executing their stark rival had at last begun.

Story continues in the next post,

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